Scam musicians not honoring a sale with license

I am getting sick and tired of buying a piece of music and the musicians not honoring the license. [removed by mod according to Terms] is one of them. Shame on this guy for scamming us content producers believing in their work.

How can a music author not honor the license? What do you mean by that?

Here what we producers a told when we purchase a license from Envato " Can I use music from AudioJungle on YouTube? Why have I received a “matched third party content” copyright notice via YouTube about AudioJungle music used on my YouTube video?

Yes, you can absolutely use licensed AudioJungle music in your YouTube video.

YouTube takes copyright infringement seriously, and its Content ID audio detection system will occasionally display a copyright notice on videos using licensed AudioJungle music. This typically isn’t a bad thing, it simply means YouTube has found some material in your video that’s owned by someone else. To clear this notice, you simply need to let YouTube know that you have licensed the music and have the rights to use it."
Now as a producer, we believe these terms and spend money. Then we get a notice from YouTube that found material in the video (music) owned by someone else. Most of the time we dispute and prove the license and it all goes away. But what we are finding is the 3rd party detectors objecting anyway even after showing the actual transaction and code from Envato to prove otherwise.
These 3rd party detection spiders are very, very flawed and making us producers 2nd guess buying music. Now keep in mind we spend 100’s of thousands of dollars on the production of a video and ONE 6 second audio clip flags the entire video. This is becoming a huge problem with trust.

Most music is indeed registered with ContentID, as it’s industry standard. The license you buy from AJ is the key to clear the ensuing copyright claim, as explained in the AJ FAQ you quoted.

Now, if there is any issue with a ContentID 3rd party refusing to lift a claim, it could mean two things.

  1. The AJ author is not the actual author and is was selling somebody else’s music. In which case, you should contact support so that this fake author be banned from AJ.

  2. The author did not registered their music with ContentID but thieves fraudulently registered it in their name. You should let the author know asap that they are victim to a scam, so that they can fight to regain ownership of their assets.

Now, I don’t know what’s up with this specific case, but you better be sure of what’s going on before name calling and throwing accusations around like that.

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This is not actually a problem for you but producers. I am only speaking of my experience. Envato needs to CONFIRM licenses before taking any music. If you think I am being rude my apologies but understand this is a real problem and many of my associates are saying the same thing and beginning to look for alternatives. Instead of arguing with me realize this will eventually effect trust. I will be rude because it costs me money - nothing personal.

I didn’t find your post rude, and I do understand your frustration. I was merely pointing out the fact your were making a very serious public accusation toward a specific author.

Now, if an AJ author is selling music that is not theirs, you should report them to support right away.

That said, I do agree Envato should do more to curate a cleaner library and weed out scammers. We authors have been requesting this for years. They just took a step in the right direction, as they’ve recently introduced ID checks for authors.

However, are you sure that this is not a case a fraudulent ContentID registration of non-protected music? It does happen quite often. In which case, the author would be a victim, not a perp.

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I spent over $5000 dollars last month on music. Yes that much. Now when a track is not legal it causes a lot more than the purchase cost. We are unaware that we have a track in our content that has a rejection down the pipeline. Then it could delay the movie for MONTHS to get clearance all because Envato does not notify us that the track we purchased “will” become a problem for us. These delays cost us more money because we can’t recoup our initial investment. Then we have to go back into post, which costs more money. Now keep in mind that Envato had the funds deposited into their account and they are happy and are feeding their families. Now let’s say they ban the musician WITHOUT telling us. Here is the scam. No matter what - the buyer/Producer is now at a big loss. We are completely unaware even though Envato knows the problem exists with that track. Could they notify us and at least give us credit. Of course they could but they don’t -
Envato got their money, that’s why there is a TRUST problem.
So this is a problem for both of us and I am very disappointed in the lack of accountability of Envato not being transparent here.