Advertisement videos with music that have Content ID - Will they get a copyright claim?

Hey guys, I got a question concerning advertisement & Content ID.

Will a client using music (with content ID) for a commercial or advertisement have a copyright claims?

If yes, How do they clear it?

I know they need the proper Broadcast license to do this. The add will be randomly played on multiple before YoutTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos, so how does this process work?


Generally speaking copyright claims on YouTube can be cleared simply by appealing the claim with a receipt or any other proof that you own a license to the audio. Copyright claims and online stock marketplaces go hand in hand because if enough people own the license to one item you’re inevitably going to have more than one person using it on one site. For that reason companies like YouTube have systems in place to expedite reversal of copyright claims for people who have purchased a license on a site like AudioJungle and claims are usually resolved very quickly.

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I know how to clear the costumers from copyright claims on their YT videos, but what I meant was that the advertisement (the ad itself) in YouTube videos that are places before or inserted in the videos.

When some one makes an ad or commercial to promote there product, Do they need to clear that ad from copyright claims?

example: I’m watching a video on YT but before the video starts there is a ad (not a banner, but a video ad with music)
1.That ad, were does it come from?
2.The people who make that ad, do they get copyright claim?
3.Is the source of that ad from their YT channel? (Therefore the process of clearing a claim should be the same as normal) as mentioned by CleanMagicAudio’s link.

Youtube ads are normal Youtube videos often with “unlisted” visibility. So they can be monetized just as any other video and the claiming/clearing process is just the same.

If it’s Youtube video, they do not need broadcast license. Standard is ok.

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