P.R.O music for Instagram & Facebook

Hi all,

I make video’s for clients and buy the music on Audiojungle & envato Elements. Most of the clients use the video’s for Youtube and Social Media or on their own website. I’m always searching for NON P.R.O music because I don’t want my clients to have an extra bill afterwards. But more and more music is getting P.R.O. making it harder to find music.

I don’t understand what P.R.O. music REALLY means. Envato says you can use it on Youtube etc. with no problems but how does it work with Social Media like Facebook & Instagram? Do I have to worry about getting unexpected bills for this use?

Please help me if you know the answer :)!


Hi Patricia,

You or your clients do not need to worry about P.R.O royalties for Youtube, Facebook and other social media. This is only for the music producer to get royalties if a production is going to be broadcasted on TV, radio or etc.

Check out the more in depth guide here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/208477896

Good luck!

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In your case, Content ID tracks could cause more problems than the ones that are registered in P.R.O. The last one is a way authors can earn performance royalties from broadcast usage, which is not what happens here. You are going to be fine with P.R.O tracks.

If you buy a track that is registered with content ID, just be sure how to release claims. You can contact the author to sort this out. Most of the time its just a matter of sending the license to the content ID company as a proof of permission to use the music without problems. However, this can cause issues because many people believe they are getting a strike or accusation of stealing when they get a claim. Its not a big deal in reality.

I hope this helps.

Thank you! From now on I’m going to use P.R.O. music more!

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Thank you! So P.R.O or of NON-PRO without Content ID registration are the safest to choose for me.

Well, its not that Content ID tracks are unsafe. Its just a way authors protect their music when it gets downloaded illegally or without permission. When you purchase a license here on AJ, you HAVE permission and its legal. Content ID tracks just require an extra step (on Youtube).

A content ID claim doesn’t mean the video is going to get removed from Youtube. It means it can’t be monetized (until the claim is cleared).


You can read more about using Content ID tracks and registering via Youtube here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204484680

Worth to mention is that using non content ID is not always necessarily safe, it does happen that people register music in content ID illegally without the actual music producer knowing and then things can get real messy.

If you are using content ID tracks that are registered in AdRev, the quickest way is to submit your license and link to youtube video here: https://adrev.net/contact-us


Yes! And this is not a myth, nor pro ContentID propaganda. It has happened many times over, and it’s a real pain to deal with.
Choosing ContentID registered music is the best way to not expose yourself to this mess. (ok, that last sentence was a bit of propaganda, but it also happens to be true, which gives it that extra umph)


As said, you and your clients can use PRO registered music and you do not have pay any royalties. Youtube / Facebook / Instagram is the one who has to pay PRO royalties.