New Elements payment system questions: January 16th author group

So if I understood correctly, you were making a bank transfer when the refund took place, not a withdrawal to payoneer?

yes i transfer from envato to payoneer then to the bank

And Payoneer refunded the money back to sender?

No, the thing is, previously Envato was sending the money to Payoneer. I was transferring money from payooner to bank. Now the problem is like this, in the add bank section, it asks me for an IBAN number and I couldn’t see an IBAN in the payoner.

The way it was explained previously, adding Payoneer requires two key pieces of information. Account number & ABA number. Both are available under Receiving accounts within Payoneer. I don’t think you require IBAN details unless you wish to input your local bank account information (such as a Turkish local bank).

You should talk to the help desk obviously. But I think the problem is you’ll need to remove the information you inputted previously, then select “United States” as bank country, and proceed to input your account number & ABA from your Payoneer receiving account.

I hope this matter gets resolved for you soon.

I still don’t receive the money via bank transfer. What happened?

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Hi there, i still dont receive the payment. You said this week will be clear. What happened?

I want to ask about the payment. I don’t receive the payment since the email already sent to me. It was 16th of January. I already complained thousands time. But, it’s still not solve. What happened? Why envato changed the payments method? I was satisfied of using Payoneer, and suddenly my payment changed. And now i don’t receive the payment yet.