New BIG project in progress! Keen to hear your thoughts

Hey guys I ve been working on this project for a while and I m keen to hear your thoughts.

Everything is made inside element 3d and no models where imported everything is made using only element options for creating shapes and extrusions.

Video previews are down below in my replies for status update

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Right now this still needs a bit of work to get approved, imo. A few tips:

Add reflections to the photographs
Add Depth of Field and some focus shifts (don’t exaggerate)
The fireplace is not looking good, you can see it is a flat texture. Either make it look better or don’t show it up close
Same with the ball-thingy, doesn’t look good, the movement is too linear and the reflections are very fake.

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Well thats why is called work in progress :slight_smile:

Reflection on the photos will be increased.
Depth of field is on for some shots didnt want to exaggerate with it, and there are focus shifts but its not noticable as much cuz the aperture and blur is not that heavy.

The fireplace needs a bit more work I agree and I m working on that.

As far as the Newtons cradle(the ball thingy) the reflection and the material will be changed to reflect the enviroment around it so I think that will solve the fake reflection feel.
As far as the movement of it I mean its perpetuum mobile it should be linear but also I can make it a bit more random.

Thanks for your suggestions
and keep them coming I will post the updates.
All the best

Thanks for the name, Newtons Craddle :smiley:
But this is not a perpetuum mobile (they don’t exist), nor would a perpetuum mobile have a linear motion. The balls need to ease more into the high position and then accelerate on the way down until they hit the other balls. It’s already there just needs a bit more to convince me I think.

Keep us posted on your progress :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree but we are talking about element 3d and to animate those balls to even act like that was a massive mathematical challenge and I will for sure think about my options to more ease out the height position for now I just cant seem to see the solution

Now I ve set the reflection to mirror the enviroment around it so thats how it looks when it does that


May I ask you about the statue on the wall? Is it made only with Element 3D or is it an imported obj file to E3D?
In my subjective opinion I would play more with depth of field and focus shifts, as @Creattive said, just to see what happens (I like to use these camera elements for me personally haha), anyway, is subjective. For example keep the moving spheres in focus and then change the focus to the frame right next to the spheres, playing with aperture and more blur level.
I would make some variations to the frames texture, not always the same black and white, everything looks too clean and perfect to me, needs some little rusticity (not too much) for some textures (again, just my opinion). And maybe if you place some spot lights here and there, that would be nice.
Good work!! :+1:

The statue is from element 3d starter pack there are no imported obj in the scene,

As I said this is work in progress I didnt get to texturing everything yet.

But thanks a bunch for your comments and keep them coming I will post updates

Ok guys so I boosted the reflectivity of the photos and aded textures to te walls and fireplace

Let me know what you think

I like the wall texture and some dirty texture added to the shelf. But, I can´t see much difference about the boosted reflectivity you said

You cant cuz its picture in motion is more noticable If I boost more I doesnt look good, so I think this as it is now looks enough glossy its set to 100% glossiness and 5% refraction

And I aded some depth of field focus shift on some scenes
MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-05-20) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-11-14)


In my opinion, this is what really makes the whole thing different :+1:

Yeah I agree I maybe posted to early but thats what process looks like :slight_smile:
Overall how do you like the project?

I like the project, watching all over again I could say that maybe (my opinion) camera moves are too slow, but that´s subjective too. What I´d really do is adding some texture to the postcards, don´t know if you already thought about that and didn´t do it yet.

I m adding texture to everything so no worries about that.

Camera moves being to slow hmmm maybe I mean the music is slow also and there is time to focus on the content I would rather not sacrifice the visibility of content for pure visual appeal.

That´s fine. As I said, is my personal and subjective opinion :+1:
Keep going with improvements!!:wink:

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Hey guys here is an update how it looks so far…I think I m getting there what do you think?

dont need flare effects