Element 3D V2

Get ready for Element 3D V2

What do you think is it going to be worth upgrading?

Hoping for casted shadows with AE lights!

looks like it have shadows. also, probably the interface got an upgrade and some thinks may be easier to do. good stuff as always :slight_smile:

i think someone is telling me there will be raytrace in new version :slight_smile:

V2 will be a big boom for all who love E3D I think. Shadows for sure (Andrew shows some stills in the past) and look at the floor from the car image. I think V2 will have reflections too and these 2 features (shadow and reflections) would worth an upgrade alone - we will see at V2 release if this features arrives or not. But the other side of this is the render time for such things - may be this upgrade is better we could imagine.

Hope the buyers will upgrade fast too - so we can create a lot new cool stuff. There are some great E3D authors at envato - let see what stuff rolls out after E3D V2 is released. I think it will be a game changer like everything Video Copilot comes up with.

Cool VH times for future - happy render - E3D rocks :slight_smile:

I’m sure it will be worth the upgrade. It always is with videocopilot products in my opinion. Andrew is a genius in the way he and his team tackle plugin production, especially element 3d. It has been very useful for me. What is of concern most the misconception with templates I think, it will need some getting used to for the buyers to know they need V2 to use a certain template.

I think we won’t be able to create E3D V2 projects till at least mid of next year cos buyers also have to upgrade it otherwise our templates might be useless for buyers if they don’t go for upgrade.

video copilot every time Re lase best Plugins tuts

I will be purchasing on launch day. I’ve had v1 for a while but only recently started using it, and I love how fast and easy it is to work with in AE. Find myself rarely opening C4D anymore, not that I do much 3D anyway, but this makes 3D elements much more doable for my regular tight-deadline projects. Looking forward to an even better version!

I agree, if v2 brings us shadows and reflections that would be worth the upgrade price alone. I really hope they change up the workflow for exporting materials and material sections. I find exporting a moderately complex model from C4D to E3D can be a huge pain in terms of getting the materials/textures right.

As C4D integration becomes a bigger part of AE, I hope E3D somehow utilizes this integration as well, making it easier to access different 3D layer parts without having to place a separate material on each part to separate them in E3D. Also, an update to the Animation Engine and rigging features would be nice too.

I would love to see it work with the ‘collect files’ command in After Effects. Would make things easier to work with. Shadows and reflections would of course be great. Regardless, it’s such a great plugin.

looking forward to it, andrew’s plugins and work is amazing

today’s the day folks. I’m pretty thrilled what the new features are.

anybody else constantly checking the website?

Creattive said

anybody else constantly checking the website?

nope :slight_smile:

I totally forgot that today is the day.

thanks for reminding.

I think, there will be a new pack or two along with the V2. May be choppers and police cars. I have seen him using them in tutorials.

Maybe I’ll buy it this time around! But first I have to build a new computer…darn.

im waiting for optical flares 2 :smiley:

well I’m really looking forward to it. The render quality really improved.

And BOOM! …

I was right … shadows and reflections … and awesome new group and environment options … so many cool new features - physic shaders are amazing - thanks a lot Andrew for that great stuff!

I can´t wait to to get my hands on it and create cool new stuff with E3D V2.

Hope E3D V2 templates will be accepted for review right V2 rolls out… happy render for VH :slight_smile:

Here is the first look of E3D 2:

A lot if new features, top/bottom/left/right views, better shadding, you can see more than one object together, … I am still watching the video I’ll be back :slight_smile: