Back from the past. Question regarding getting up to date. #after effects

Hey old colleagues, i have been away for almost a decade but i want to pickup being creative again (blame the virus! :smiley: ). I sadly have been not busy with any motion graphics for all this time, only a occasional helping a friend/family member out with stuff. Amazing work i am seeing from old and new authors btw, very cool to see some of you still around here and i am amazed by how some of you turned out after all these years, crazy talented people you guys are.

So i am reaching out here to see if i could get some answers/help regarding what i missed in all these years when it comes to AE with plugins/tools etc and new industry standards that might have changed after the years. I even purchased a template or two to see how people create some new things and i realize i will need allot of time to get up to speed again.

What would be your recommendations regarding plugins/scripts/tools that came out in the last 5 years or so. Would appreciate any input dearly, as i am trying to get back up to speed as fast as possible.


Hi Massfocus,

just here a few plugins that come to my mind:

Trapcode Suite has been updated to work with Fluid Movement and 3D Models

Stardust is a new particle plugin that is very powerful and has 3D capabilities.

Not sure how old or new it is, but if you don’t know Element 3D (v2) take a look at it

Thanks bro ! Yeah i’m aware of these updates, still have my element 3d licenses so i managed to upgrade, looks like Trapcode added allot of things during these times. I also understood bgrenderer and expression universalizing is still a thing. It’s a whole new playing field if i see what people come up with these days :smiley: It’s going to be a challenge getting back into it. I must say i am surprised that things haven’t changed that much, you would assume 10 years would bring allot of new things to the table or i am looking in the wrong directions.

Adobe has added almost nothing since the introduction of cineware, they are super lazy as they don’t need to add features to convince buyers anymore with the subscription system. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything first-party.

Only thing worth to look at is the MOGRT system and the Essential Graphics Panel, which adds convenience to templates if you want to sell your templates only for CC versions.

They also made this menu in effects, when you select a layer:

Super useful feature to keep a lot of things within one comp.

And improvements in expressions. Possibility to work with the path, and recently with text font.

MOGRT unfortunately is very limited tool.

But yeah, they did almost nothing.

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