AE Projects: CS6 or Creative Cloud?

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I know this has been discussed before, but I never really paid that much attention as I’d never had any AE projects on VideoHive. Now I must have caught the reviewers on a bad day, or when they had been drinking, as they’ve actually approved two of my templates on the trot! And we could do with some more video topics in this fancy new forum.

But anyway… do you think it makes a big difference which version you provide your templates in? I created both of mine in CC 2014, but got an email from a buyer over the weekend saying he couldn’t open it in CS6, and wanted to know what he should do. I’d selected CC 2014 in the item details, and also mentioned it in the description, but that didn’t help.

Anyway… rather than saying ‘sorry, nothing I can do’, ‘contact support for a refund’ or ‘I’ll render it for you for a fee’… I decided to whip out the old customer service action and recreate the template from scratch in CS6. I’ve updated the item now, so hopefully that will get reviewed and be approved soon.

I appreciate that the earlier version the better (within reason - probably CS5 or later) is probably the way to go, so you’re not missing out on any potential sales, but does anybody have any idea what the kind of slit is with regards to people who have Creative Cloud and people who didn’t bother when it came to going past CS6? Is there a default version number that people usually go for?


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Hi, you can backsave internally in AE to the previous program version, i.e. in CC2014 you can backsave to CC, in CC you can backsave to CS6 and so on up to CS5 (CS5 cannot backsave to CS4).
If you install all AE Versions in between you can backsave to any previous version until CS5.

Also, there is a script called pt_opensesame that makes it possible to backsave without going though all versions but has some restrictions.

As you have seen, it is better to backsave to an earlier version to reach more customers.

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Yeah, I used to have CS6, CC, CC 12 and CC14… so I could do that. Then my computer had a funny turn, so I had to reinstall everything. Couldn’t really be bothered to do CC and CC12, as my internet connection is pretty slow, so I just went with CS6 and CC14. Should have done to the lot really.

I am currently using cs5.5 and I’m saving them as cs5 project files.
Also don’t like the subscription model so i guess I’ll stay with cs5.5 for a few more years :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’d bother going back further than CS6 these days. I guess there’s some audience for CS5, but it’s an old program now, and anecdotally I tend to hear most from CC users. The problem is that CC has so many new features that you limit yourself majorly if you use CS5, as well as not being able to work as quickly.

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hm right maybe i’ll rethink that
but currently need to focus on my last year of school so yeah :blush: