AE Project downgrade


I would be very kind if somebody clarifies, does it
make sense to downgrade Ae project to CS5 in 2020?

Is there anyone who uses old versions today?

Thank you.

I work in CS4

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Thank you @romlam for your responce.

But why won’t you update it to a new version
with more functions and possibilities?

What is so beneficial in CS4?

This increases the potential customer base. What if some client is still havean old version of AE? But this is not necessary. Maybe soon I will work in CS6, as CS4 is 32bit, not 64bit. That’s why CS4’s preview works slower. But working in the latest version, it seems to me, you can lose a certain percentage of potential customers. Personally, I do not use the latest effects. All standard effects are in the old version. Of course, I check my projects in newer versions of AE, because sometimes some effects work a little differently, and I need to take this into account.
So the choice is yours


I was creating projects in cs6 before, but last year I started creating all projects in the newest version of AE. I don’t feel that I’m losing sales

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Also some heavy projects are better to create in latest versions of AE due to software performance and some new abilities of AE


Thank you for this information. There are facts that I have found useful.

Because I’m about to finish my first project and I don’t wanna risk to download it to something lower than CC12. I’m not sure it will work properly.

@DREAMYARD_Visuals ’s arguments are also useful. Performance in recent versions of AE is really higher. You should to draw conclusions from all factors and decide what will be better for you.


@romlam and @DREAMYARD_Visuals thank you for this information.
Now I have some information to think about.

Have a nice day;)


I cannot really tell a big difference in performance between CC2019 and CS6 (I don’t use CC2020 for stability reasons). When multiprocessing works in CS6 it is way faster than CC2019.

I still work in CS6 for most templates. CC2019 for client work.

I provide allmost all my templates in CS5 format. I converted down to CS4 years ago, but stopped doing that as it was too cumbersome. Especially as I began only doing 4K projects. A customer who is still on CS4 most probably has a computer that will not be fit for 4K projects anway.

I don’t think there is much sense in backsaving to early CC versions (i.e earlier than CC2017) as whoever purchased CC has access to the latest version and will upgrade eventually, but may stick to one version for a couple of releases. If backsaving, go at least to CS6, to reach customers without Creative Cloud.

CC2014 was the last version with multiprocessing, so maybe some customers are still on that.


Wow! Thank you, I didn’t know that
multiprocessing was available in AE!

So much of simple, but vital information! :face_with_monocle: :joy:

It never really worked, that is why they removed it.
I only use it for simple projects, like adding a color correction to an image sequence. The multiprocessing is way faster in rendering image sequences.
When the project gets more complex, it stops working and hangs on “initializing”, or takes so long to start the render threads that it is way quicker to disable it.

Your mileage may vary.

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@Creattive It is good to know it in advance, ahah)

However(for now), I have decided to downgrade future projects only to CC12. Then we’ll see…

Danke shön, und haben Sie Schönes Wochenende!
Ich hoffe, in Zukunft von Ihnen zu hören;)

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