AE Older Versions Compatibility

Hi, guys!! I just finished my first logo template and I want to upload it soon. Because my main job is music production I’m still develop my AE skills. On the templates upload is a tab where it’s mentioned compatibility with older AE versions. I don’t know how to set that for my logo. The template is made in AE CC2018. It will be opened in older versions of CC? (2017, 2016, etc.?) But in CS6? How can I find that? Should I install older versions CC and CS6 and check it? Is there a easy way to set that? I don’t used any third party plugins, only what’s in CC2018. Thank you!


If you created your template in After Effects CC 2018, the project can be open in AE CC 2018 and higher versions.

CS6, CC 2014-17 - older versions, your project can’t be opened in these versions.

So, set CC 2018 version.


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Ok. Thank you!!

If you have a Creative Cloud Subscription you can install all AE Versions from CS6 up to the latest release (as of now, CC2018).

Every AE Version since CS5.5 can save a project as a compatible version to older AE versions, but most of the times only for one Version at a time. So for example, in CC2017 you can save as a compatible project for CC2015.

If you go through the hassle of downsaving from each AE Version you will have a project file compatible with CS6, this can be beneficial for your sales as there might be people still using CS6 today, because they did not want to switch to subscription model.

(You can even downsave to CS5.5 as you have this option in CS6, but you will not be able to test it in CS5.5 so I don’t recommend this).


Creattive Thanks for your answer!!