How can i make my Template work on older After effect versions ?


i created my template using after effects CC 2015, and i want it to work on older versions like CS6, how can i do that ?


Hi aurora_Mo. You have to install 3 versions of AE (CC2015, CC, CS6).
Step 1: Open your project in CC2015 and select: File\Save As\ Save a copy as CC.
Step 2: Open new saved file in CC and select: File\Save As\ Save a copy as CS6.
Step 3: Open CS6 and check your project again because I saw a guy found a problem about Brightness and Contrast when he trying to save as an older version on Videohive forum.

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If all else fails, there’s always OpenSesame.


As @GTMotion said, you can save backwards from newer version to previous one. From 2015 to 2014, from 2014 to CC, from CC to CS6. There is some workarounds to do this, but in the end going through saving like this is only really working option.

The main reason templates can work in all this versions of AE is because they made in AE CS5.5 or CS6 and not in latest versions of AE.


To get the other versions of AE, if you’re not sure how… there’s a dropdown at the top of the apps page in the Creative Cloud installer that says ‘latest versions’, click on it, and that gives you the options for ‘previous versions’. Just so you know!

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Guys Thank you so much …:heart_eyes: