Brightness & Contrast CC VS Brightness & Contrast CS6

Hey folks, I’m having an issue which I cannot solve. Currently I’m working on AE CC 2017 and I finished the project and while downgrading to CS6 I noticed an issue. On few layers I have Brightness & Contrast effect which has been changed in CC version of After Effects, and when opening the project in CS6, this layer looks completely different, because Brightness & Contrast has completely different behaviour in CS6 VS CC. I tried to match it with other effects like levels and exposure, but nothing works. I don’t want to not include CS6 version because of customers, but I just cannot solve this one…

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Isn’t there the checkbox on the new version where you can select use legacy effect or something like that. It might be a case of making sure that’s checked when you fiddle with the effect, and then it should match earlier versions of the brightness and contrast effect. Not on AE at the moment, so I can’t check, but that was my first guess.

There is, but when you mark legacy (even in CC 2017) it gives that bad look like in CS6. That was my first thought also.

Yeah, I assumed you’d have thought of that but thought I’d mention it to be on the safe side! Not too sure then, hope you manage to get it sorted. Adobe help forums might be an idea if you don;t get any help here… or Creative Cow/VideoCopilot forums. I’m sure somebody will have come across the same issue.

Thanks. I’ve also posted on adobe forums.

Hi again guys, I’ve managed (after 2-3 hours ) to achieve same look with curves. Lesson learned: Never use brightness & contrast ever again

Thank you guys a lot for your help.