Survey for customers on AE Version usage

Hi everyone! I think that it would be a good idea that envato does a survey for customers to see which AE version is mostly used. It’s becoming really difficult to downgrade to lower version of After Effects because they’re constantly changing how AE works. For example I had a huge problem today (I opened a thread on forum) with certain effects how they work in AE CS6 and AE CC, how they’re named, i.e. Fast Blur in CS6 - Gaussian Blur in CC. There is a lot of similar issues and it’s becoming a bit frustrating with downgrading.

So, it would be useful if survey could be done to see how much customers use CC versions, CS6 or even CS5. If I will loose couple of buyers, no problem. But if majority of people use CC, in future I would only make projects for CC.

What do you think?



agreed that it would be nice

Really great idea!