After Effects Version selection problem

Hi. I need help please. When i try to upload or edit one of my items, in After Effects Version section the new AE versions are not listed. The newer there is CC. My item need CC2014 and above so i need to mention that but i couldnt because its not listed. Any solution please ?


You can mention it in the description. i don’t think there are many people who still use CC 2012 anyway. There is no official way to install anything before 2018 for some months now.

Whoever pays for CC is most probably on one of the latest 3 versions.

I think this change is good, as you don’t have to update your items with the new CC versions when they come out now.

We’re no longer giving the option to select previous versions. Authors should make sure their projects are compatible with whatever version they’re creating files for, as well as the latest CC version of all Adobe software. As @Creattive mentioned above, you may list previous version compatibility in the item description.