After effects 2017 files query

Hello, This is the first time i am setting up an account in order to try and sell my work and I have a few audio to video equalizers that i was about to upload but when i went to select the version of after effects i was using it only went up to 2015. Can i still upload my work or would I have to get 2015 and re make the files in that version?

Thanks in advance


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You can save backwards, so you wouldn’t have to recreate the work unless you’re using some feature that is only available in a later version. Just go to ‘save as…’ and then ‘save a copy as CCXX’. Open it in the earlier version and then do that again to go back another version.

The earlier version you use, the more potential customers you’ll have. Going back to CS6 is probably your best bet, then you’ll catch the majority of people that decided not to transition over to Creative Cloud.

I recommend to do the projects in cs6 as save it as cs5.5 and then cs5 using cs5.5 version of after effects
because lots of users around the world did not upgraded to cc because of yearly subscription thing

Hey thanks for the quick reply. But what if I don’t have any previous
versions of after effects can I still do this or would I need to open the
file in an earlier version once I have saved a cc copy. Also when I go to
save as it says copy (cc 13) . Would I need to change that to be the
version of after effects I wished the file to open in. Thanks in advance

You can download CS6 and all the CC versions through Creative Cloud.

the best way to purchase the pt_opensesame script from
it has ability to save up to cs5 version plz see in description of product page for limitations of that script

Sorry this may seem like a silly question but as I say I am new to this.
So can you download the previous versions say cc 2015 or cs 6 for free once
you have a licence for cc 2017 or do you have to buy each licence
individually. Just I do t really have the money to buy loads of older
versions of after effects :/. Thanks sam

No, you open the Creative Cloud app and by default it’s showing latest versions. A bit further own there is a dropdown for previous versions. In there, you can download CS6 and all the CC versions for free.