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Good morning everyone,
Videohive asks for versions after effects " 7.0 up to CC", for the moment I’m working on After effects 2021.
The problem I can’t save the project only for 17 x and 16 x versions
I tried to install the After Effects versions requested by envato but the operating systems “Win/macOS” do not accept because of compatibilities and that the After effect versions are very old
How do I get to the CC version if there is any tip
Thank you

After effects 2021 version will do, Just select “CC” in After effects version tab while uploading the project.
If you want older version here is the link - Install previous versions of your Creative Cloud apps

The Xanathar’s guide to everything PDF Download is a nice post and I like that you shared the split pdf</a guide here for us. For the online pdf converter this site help me to do it perfectly and in this way I managed to download this guide and make it easy for me to read.

thank you so much @santoshw7885
I stuck for days :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you

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