Videohive no longer supports AE versions of projects higher than CC?

Hello everybody! Now I can upload my projects only in these AE versions: 7.0, CS3, CS4, CS5. 5, CS6, CC (by CC I mean the 2013 version)? Projects in later versions are no longer accepted?

CC stands for all CC versions.

Not that I know

But will a CC2019 project work in AE CC2014? It’s misleading and i believe it’s a bug.

Not a bug, look around in the forums I think MotionRevolver has already commented on it.

Most users are on the 2-3 latest CC Version. They all have at least accesss to the latest CC Version.
CC2014 cannot even be downloaded from Adobe anymore.

You can give a more concrete version info in your description.

I agree with you, most people use the recent versions of AE. But I still think it’s misleading because if a client using an older AE version reads that (CC) without looking at the detailed description they might think their version is included.

I agree that people not reading the description is a problem. However, the number of people using an old CC Version are little, and those not reading the description might be just a part of those.

Most templates do work in CS6 as long as it is backsaved, so the tiny amount of people of not-description-reading old CC users that happen to purchase a template that uses an Effect that requires a new CC Version is not of a concern to me. But I admit, I never created a template for CC only, I always save back to at least CS6, mostly CS5.

The upside of this approach is: You don’t have to go back to all your items and include the new CC Version in the list, because people may think that a 2016 uploaded item that lists “CS6, CC, CC2014” as compatible is not working with the latest CC2020.

In the Premiere Category, you can only select CC for quite some time now.
The mogrt’s I provide in this category are only compatible with CC2018 (or later, depends on what I created it in). Since I started to include that info in the description I did not get a single complaint.

I think I did get one (and only one) when I had not have the Version mentioned in the description yet.

Totally agree with you on this one.