3dOcean Free file and Element 3D


Hey guys!
Pretty cool free file on 3dOcean this month, huh?

I just wanted to try to import it to VC Element 3D but didn’t succeeded. I can’t even properly load the .obj file. Instead Element only “see” the c4d file, but it’s corrupted somehow and I can’t load textures also. Have anyone try that too?

I’m just curious because I plan to purchase some 3d models from there for my freelance work - to use it with Element, but that issue discouraged me.

Any explanation why the file doesn’t work properly? Maybe it’s a little outdated (since the file was uploaded in 2010)…? Any thoughts?



For a lot of element 3d files you have to change things in cinema before bringing them in. I would suggest watching this: http://www.videocopilot.net/help/element/tutorial/basic/advanced_materials/


Thank you!