Element 3D starter pack models

Hey guys! Just a quick clarification:

When designing a template for VH, can I use a 3D model from the Starter pack which is included in every Element 3D installation? I mean, I won’t include the model inside the project file, since everybody has it already on their computer (if they have Element). I read the license agreement pretty carefully and I think I can do that, because I won’t be providing any content to the third parties.

Secondly, will the project load fine on other computers? For example when the buyer opens it on a Mac (I’m on a PC), will the model re-load OK? In other words, will Element find a proper way to the Starter pack?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

BTW, I’m not speaking about pre-renders. I know I can’t pre-render anything. I’m speaking about template requiring Element 3D installed.

I’d like to know that too, as I cannot find a clear answer to this. I’ve requested staff reply.


I’m interested in this topic, too. Here’s another thread about this topic which might be helpful!

I’m sorry but any models or assets that are included within Element 3D cannot be distributed within a project file here. - "MarkBrodhuber"

In my point of view it isn’t allowed to use any packs or models
(starter pack as well as advanced model and texture packs).

So it seems like we have to create our own models and textures?! :slight_smile:

But logically if you use simple objects such as cubes or spheres it should be allowed or maybe videocopilot has copyright over the geometric figures from now on ? Because i see no point of creating another sphere or cube or torus object… i agree on the other models that thats okay…

Exactly, because I don’t want to “distribute” it inside the project file, because the end user has it already on his machine. It comes with every instalation…

should be EXTREMELY easy just to make your own primitive object and include it with your file that is the case.

About the linkage of model here is what Envato says:
Here about the requirements:

Now,from the very beginning of the E3D here at VH, the use of started model pack as never been discussed properly.
My guess is that Envato did not receive a clear answer from VC team.
My personal suggestion is to create your own basic primitives.
This is what I did for my templates.
Good Luck :slight_smile:

Guys, I have read the license agreement again and I think there is no such rule not to use primitives or starter pack models as long as they are not pre-rendered or distributed within the template. As I said, the user will just open the project and everything will load from Element plugin. I don’t see any reason why this should be not permitted.