I feel mislead in that I can't actually download 3d models.

I just subscribed to Envato Elements and feel mislead in to believing I would be able to download 3d models. When researching before I subscribed I came across no indication that I would only be able to download a 2d image of a 3d model. Has anyone else felt mislead in this issue and has anyone successfully received a refund due to it?

It’s more like your expectations didn’t meet with the results. On 3d section, you see those only rendered files as most of them by “PixelSquid360” that they don’t share the source files at anywhere

If it contains additional files, you’d be seeing a screen such as the screenshot below

You’re right that my expectations didn’t meet with results. I don’t believe my expectations were unreasonable based on what’s displayed on the website. When browsing 3D assets before subscribing there’s no indication that you don’t actually get to download a 3D model.

That’s the thing. It doesn’t state at the category as "3D Model, it states as “3D”

Right, and 3D isn’t what is given, 2D is.

I understand the point but it’s not only one image, it’s several images that you could use as 3D

You can’t just take a few images from different perspectives and use that as 3D. That’s not how it works. It categorizes them as 3D but delivers 2D. That doesn’t seem right.

I’m not selling those images so don’t blame it for me :slight_smile:
You can contact Envato support but I have doubts that it’d be fixed or cleared anytime soon.


Oh I’m not blaming you. I was just seeing if there were many other people mislead like I was and see what they did about it. I have already contacted support but am aware it may take a while.

Check the forum. You’re not the only one

Can we use several images in that please let me know this.