Why does envato elements not offer 3d files?

Hi first time poster here.
I’m subscribed to envato elements and I would really like to know the reason for why they do not offer 3d files for software such as maya and blender. I’m a huge fan of envato elements, but I simply can’t understand why they would refrain from offering these assets. Just like assets that are on VideoHive and then are subsequently offered on envato elements, 3d assets should also be. With art and creative projects moving over to the 3d world quite rapidly, I would’ve hoped that Envato elements would hop on the train. Many clients are also starting to see the benefits of 3d, and 3Docean offers a vast range of products. I just wish that they would see the huge benefit in moving some 3D assets over to envato elements.
What are your thoughts? Does Envato plan on doing so in the near future?

I was looking into the same thing. There are some good 3D items but you have to download each view. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.