Download of 3D models

your 3D section on Envato Elements offers only picture as a view from certain angle or real 3D models?
How to download 3D model (e.g. OBJ)?

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Hi Svezen!

The 3D category on Elements currently just has in-browser renders of the 3D models, which you can export various different views of - that’s the item type that we have had the most customer demand for so far, in order to pose these for inclusion in 2D images.

Full 3D models (.obj files etc) are currently only available for individual sale via

You should definitely add that feature. Even though there isn’t a ton of sales compared to your other sections there still is a whole community of people who work with 3D renders such as myself who would love to not just take pictures of 3D model angles (as I can do so after installing the model) but also work with them to save so much time with the yearly subscription.


To be honest I feel a bit scammed. I subscribed because the selection of 3D objects was good, but after subscribing I notice I can only download PNG and PSD instead of the actual models. :frowning:


Look at these images of 3D models:

Different categories up to the different choice!
They are designed by Hum3D team.
As for me I prefer category with stadiums, I find them pieces of art.
What is you best category?

I agree with you Erikoinen. Promising 3D assets is incredibly misleading if I can only download a PSD or PNG of it. I have no use for that. I found it to be a great benefit and then went to download and was really disappointed.

The sub price is expensive for the limited quality so without 3D I don’t see myself continuing this.


So what is the solution?
Can we argue with Envato or what?

Well, they offer what they offer. It’s on us for not looking into it more I suppose. But hopefully they understand that a still image of a 3D object isn’t very useful. It’s a waste of a model in my opinion.

Hopefully they understand it’s a need and add it to their subscription. I’d love to hear how many downloads they have of these 3D objects. I imagine very little. Not because people don’t need 3D but because when they get to the point of downloading, they realize it’s not what they needed.

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Absolutely could not agree more!
Such a bait and switch scam.
This is not clearly explained in when you first come to the website.
If I had the time I spread the word all over social media the fact that this is clearly a case
unscrupulous marketing.

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I agree in that the “3D” items are not actually 3D. They are just 2D assets. The company we work for and others in many industries are moving over to 3D given the level of software support and demand for it. It would be very beneficial if actual 3D models were offered on this site. We enjoy having Envato Elements, but we could do a lot more with .obj models to work with.