OBJ 3D Files

Before it was possible do download 3D objects in .obj format, so that it was possible to animate it on AE using Element 3D.

Now is only possible to download in PSD or PNG formats.

Is it really no longer possible to download OJB files? Is it possible all the same animate PSD os PNG formats on AE like a real 3D element with all angles?

Thanks for the help!

I don’t think it was ever possible for OBJ files to be downloaded on Elements. If they were available it would have been quite a few years ago.

The 3D section on Elements uses the PixelSquid service which has only ever been PNGs and PSDs, as it’s entire purpose is to be directly connected with Photoshop and allow users to choose the angle of whichever object they want and have it placed as a layer within Photoshop.

The only way for you to animate them would be to download every angle you need separately, then animate it as a 2D image then replace it with one of the other angles as you go. I could be wrong, but you probably wouldn’t be able to get anything smooth and realistic looking.

You can still get OBJ files from https://3docean.net/

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I would also like to say that this was possible. I have some files in my folder. so I really have to think about whether I will continue to be a member or not.

ich möchte auch sagen, dass dies möglich war.ich habe einige dateien in meinem ordner. somit muss ich mir echt überlegen ob ich weiterhin mitglied bleibe oder nicht.