3D Elements Software

Hi, I’m interested in getting some of the 3D elements but I am not sure what software I could use them on. I am familiar with Photoshop and After Effects but I am not sure if the elements would be compatible with these programs.

Usually, files I purchase will let me know what software the file will work on but the 3D files do not.

Thanks in advance for any help and input!

Hi @Kape239!

If you’re talking about the 3D items found on Elements here, those are different to the types of 3D files that we currently sell on 3DOcean.

The Elements 3D category contains models that can be moved around in your browser, before generating a flat (PNG or PSD) render of the angle that you chose. They’re used extensively in photo manipulation, but they aren’t “true 3D” files of the type that you could put into something like Blender.

Not with Photoshop for sure but depending on the compatibility, you may use After Effects. Just check the file details, you should find some more information