Please, I need Authors' opinions


Please, follow authors what do you think of the works


I think that projects with Element 3D are so boring. A tool must help an artist to achieve his goals. But when the tool itself is a goal, other people don’t see anything special in an art, just another demonstration of the tool abilities.


But there are no clear rules about this ,
From the 1st day I understand that , Make what do you want as an artist because it is all about passion .

Envato now limits and oblige artist to do what does it want not people and artist want and always replay with unclear email as they want new technlogy but these are the limits of the tools as you said.

My demand ( Make clear rules = we will avoid lose of time, money and effort )
My question to you DOGmotion do you face such rejection 4 items with onetime ? what will you do in such circumstances ?


Art, design, animation are not about strict rules, it’s about feelings. If there was rules, photoshop would have only one button “Make it perfect”.
I had only 4 rejections within more then 6 years. What would I do in your place? I would stop create the same extruded and textured logo, that Andrew Kramer showed many many many years ago. You already have enough of them in your portfolio. Maybe it’s time to make something new?


We came to a point where quality is a must. The only thing that will make you stand out as an artist from the rest is the idea behind your project and ultimately what is your target and audience.


Talking about the quality :-

  • 90% of the textures in my work , I made them seamless with 4K and 8192 resolustions.
  • Objects I made, has clean topology
  • Main Controls for the customers
  • Don’t forget my powerful PC Setups for these tasks
  • My budget for this site until I gain earning was $5000
  • I have a good sales for each item I publish approximate 15 sale / year ago
  • I like most Logo intro and this is my Feeling and passion if you talk about feeling
  • In my place there is no single institute for CG but I keep learning and studying since 18 years until
    now and my 1st book I start with is ( 3D Studio Max 3.0 Workshop by Duane Loose )

All these and with one click … I kicked out of the game <<< It is clear like the sun on our head

Dont forget it not the 1st time My work is rejected, This is the third time.
This is not arbitrary.

Give some real criticism and opinion
If everyone here don’t like Element 3D then why in the 1st place make a special section for it …


The rejection message should have explained the situation fairly clearly. When the Element 3D plugin was introduced many years ago, it became mind-numbingly simple to create great looking 3D logos. Because it’s so easy to create projects like this, we’re looking for templates that are more than a logo sitting in an environment with a few camera movements. While your textures are unique, and the logos look great (which is the case for almost all E3D projects), the overall execution of each of these projects is lacking complexity.


Not almost all E3D projects look great just because is E3D. You have to know how to use it, there are many parameters to set (ambient occlusion, lights, camera moves with depth of field, textures, backgrounds, reflections, refractions, and many many more) and not everybody knows how to use it. So it´s helpful to have a project already done where you have only to replace a couple of things and that´s it. This is art but on a marketplace that depends on other people feellings to get approved, and are very strict with these projects above but not with others recently approved that use E3D and don´t bring anything new to the table as you always said, for example a project about E3D Badge Reveal approved today that I think it´s great work but there´s no difference with @HardEdgeie works above and it has really no complexity at all. The only difference is that author of Badge Reveal is Elite, but it shouldn´t be a reason to approved an author and reject another not Elite, don´t you think?


E3D is a tool just like After Effects and 3DMax or Photoshop, not a goal, just a tool like others. So any After Effects project should be rejected just because is a tool with many years?
Plexus, glitch effect, parallax are so boring already and were used many many times, but still projects that use them are approved. It´s difficult to follow a target that´s not clear for authors


Tо be honest the projects you show look fresher than your ones. All those textures you used look too old. It’s not in trend. This style was popular many years ago


Many years ago?? Have you seen the recently approved E3D extruded logos? And I mean one of those approved today Badge Logo Reveal.
There is no fair and clear target to follow, and approval or rejection are not applying the same way for everybody.
Just take a look at those logos and tell me a real difference that brings something “new to the table”


Ok But Alot of repetition in the Drone ??? Why he accept those


3D Logo Reveal is the same

Why ??

If he reject me , he must also reject the others because of repetition
Don’t yu think ???


This is away from being professional

Professional means

The Skills
The Morals
The Objectivity


I say not about repetition, I say about freshness


@HardEdgeie Thank you for alerting us of these 4 drone reveal projects from the same creator. This violates our 3-variation policy, and we will notify the author that the limit has been exceeded should any more be submitted.

On a side note, please don’t link to items that you consider “low quality” or “repetitive”. We do not engage in project comparisons, since as in almost all cases, they cannot be compared on a 1:1 basis. Posting links to other projects for comparisons violates Forum guidelines.


The mean reason of rejection not freshness my friend is the repetition ,


You are incorrect. The reason for rejection was not repetition. It was complexity of the execution of a basic extruded 3D logo created with the E3D plugin.


The mean reason of rejection not freshness my friend is the repetition

Who told you this?


There are a lot of examples of extruded logos made with E3D you should be aware of, and approved very recently. You should´ve know that. I´m not giving links because is against envato rules. But you reviewers should have the same criteria to reject an item. And these exmples I mention has no complexity at all. Take a look at Badge Logo Reveal approved today fo example please


The last Item you approved has no difference with me

You are an elite author as I know and you should Know repetition mean boring
Am I right ?

And boring = Low quality