My Element 3D Project has been rejected in 30 minutes


this is my second attempt to upload on VideoHive, the first time I had a (less effort project) and when I got rejected I moved on, but this time I think I did a good job creating this project, but I got rejected so fast, I think my mistake is so obvious but I can’t see it, please watch the preview video below, and for more details about the project elements you can watch the tutorial videos if you want, please give me your feedback to improve my work.



Animation needs work, lighting issues on the number 10, boring background.
Also always use bevel on the letters and number.


I like the idea but you need to work more on effects and animation skills

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thanks for the feedback, i’ll try my best to improve the template, and work on my skills too.
i wanted to make sure I got rejected because of the quality, I don’t want to spend more time and effort and I get rejected for a different reason.

Hi. I think the animation is boring, I know it’s a countdown and there’s nothing funny about countdowns, but this is too repetitive from one number to the next. Motion between numbers needs to be more fluid (easy ease keyframes, graph curve editor). The whole project is very steady about camera and background doesn’t help much. And definitely I think you should work more on textures, lights and shadows.
Good Luck!!

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Also at the beginning you mis-spelled COUNTDOWN to something hilariously offensive. That could be the problem.

That is one problem, but certainly not the only rejection reason :rofl:

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Brother, you need more work into it. The animation is good, but the composition is looking very bad. Try to make it more dynamic looking composition. Thanks

thanks guys, i really appreciate all your replies and advice