3D part looks pretty good, but there is a lots of scope for after effectxing, text part is pretty simple, some after effects in text appearance could have made the project best.but 95% chance this will be approved for sale as it is

OMG that Kerning :scream:

Hi. You said this project was completely made with Element 3D. Maybe you could´ve made text editable in Element 3D and keep the whole project editable in Element 3D too. Just my opinion. That could´ve improved text look and given to customer a lot more of possibilities.
I guess it will be approved for sure.
Good luck! :+1:

Hi, I am sure you spent a lot of hours/days with your project but I have a strange feeling from scene with fireplace, coffee and phone. In my opinion phone should not be there. It is a cottage in woods far away from signal, I hope.:slight_smile: The fire in fireplace is static, steam over coffee is static. My impression is not so good as others. Thank you for understanding.

I hear you, I totally agree with you I m considering an update with making text more advanced looking…but on the other hand sometimes less is more but thank you for your feedback

Hi the picture in the frame is a sample picture its not a part of the project…users are going to put their own picture there its a placeholder

Thanks GoForMotion Yes all ELEMENT…and I was considering to make 3d placeholders instead of plain text but didnt at the end maybe I will reconsider


Maybe like your Winter Story totally editable in E3D

Not good? its just a text placeholder

Got it,

Yeah totally hear you, its always a thing to consider cuz some people like 3d text some want some simple text over the scene not sure whats better but I m thinking about it and that might be version 2

And also I m thinking about adding a logo placeholder on the hat so that you can put your own logo on the hat

Then keep the two options open, simple text and 3D all in the same project. Sorry, I don´t stop thinking :grin:

No please dont apologize I really appreciate the feedback…Yes I can definitely do that on the update on the item itself…and if you are thinking about it that means you like it :slight_smile:

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Any feedback is much appreciated the whole point of this community is sharing each others opinions and any suggestions are much welcome.

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there is one 3d text placeholder for the 2019 year part…you know I have put a lot of time in to this project and there is a lot off stuff I can additionally put in there but nevertheless I think its a good project and of course, always room for improvement…And I must agree maybe 3d text would be nice in there.

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How does it look now from knowing that its a picture placeholder

Well, I just overlooked that it is an image placeholder. I wish you soon approval and good sales!

Thank you very much I just asked because that posed a question “is it not immediately noticeable that it is a image placeholder?” and if not what can I do to make it more obvious