I need feedback before I upload graphicriver.

Santa Claus is not the snowman :slight_smile: but looks fine.
Just need a little bit shadow on the image but you can try.

If you delete all freepik elements nothing is left.

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I will remove and will to make original images 3D, thank you.


I making models all elements 3D original but santa claus only not file buyer I use shape (placeholder)

Just add few alternatives ( variants ) would increase the chance of getting approval within same file

But, if the approval date is around for 15 days for the category you’re going to submit, I can say you may be late already to make a good sale for this year.

¿cómo? No te entiendo por favor vuelve a explicar gracias.


this mean add some small models for example stars, etc?


Well first of all this flyer has no selling potential because there are a lot of the same flyers that you can get for free.

You say that all elements are 3D made.
I can see that the green leaves at the top are not 3D renders but a vector, because they are repeat themself and a good 3D renderyou can create with a particle system.

I like the 3D presents ( maybe the ribbons are a littlebit to thick )but they dont look realistic for this flyer.
Santa’s bottem is cutted very bad so if you ad a textbar that will be dissapeared.

The candybars are hanging on a invisible rope?
The line or rope doesn’t make any sense when there is nothing hanging on it.

About the typo:
The title is not very catchy.
Skip the club presents text because there is also www.Santaclaus.com at the bottem.
The clubname is very important so this must be bigger in a color and more catchy.

The date text is the same hierarchy as the open at 21 pm but the date is the 2nd very important part.

I like the balls, they are great renders.

So there is a lot of work to do.

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Thank you for help me :slight_smile: I understand all your explain, I will to fix and upload.