Well, my first thought was that it is a look into inside of the cottage through some kind of “Santa’s magic frame”.:slight_smile:. Indeed it is not clear from preview that it is picture placeholder, but maybe item description would make it clear.

So the template customer is supposed to make it look better than the template designer? Feels wrong to me :wink:

You should work on that kerning or use another font that comes with better kerning by default - this way your customers won’t have the hassle as well.
Even if it is just a placeholder you should respect your work enough to present it as good as possible.

Good point, and thank you for this constructive reply, I already made the different text effect font and effects and also aded a 3d logo placeholder on the hat…this will be updated once this item is approved immediately.

Actually dont know if thats the best way to go or just delete it from the queue and resubmit with the update

If you think your chances of approval are higher with the newer version then I’d delete it from the queue and resubmit it.

Well I think that its going to be approved nevertheless I just think it would be faster to just submit and update right after approval

I have deleted it I made some major updates I will show you today and I will submit it with the updates looks so much better now

OK here is one screenshot how it looks now

No 2d texts anymore and everything is now element 3d

and added a logo placeholder

Hi all here is the new FINAL version what do you think?

BTW thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it

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I think your changes improved this project very much, so thumbs up from me :slight_smile:

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Thank you much appreciated it was your comment that forced me to keep going :slight_smile:

Congratulations to approval!

Thank you

You are not allowed to submit prerendered ELEMENT3D objects. Rupes of E3D and VH does not allow prerendered E3D graphics.

Hey man, there is no prerendered objects in this project

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Sorry then I missunderstood :slight_smile: Really great project by the way!

Thank you its approved already its all by the book don´t worry

I would never risk with those kind of stuff I ALWAYS make sure that my projects are all by the book and following all the requirements

Pre- rendered VC Optical Flares violates license as well. Are you aware of it?

No I m not, When i purchased the plugin it was possible to have prerenders…but I use optical flares in my project but its not necessary for the buyer to have them its not anything crutial to the project works well without it.