My position.


I’ll change the text so it’s not so loud.

I’m not happy with the way the reviewers work.


My reviewer in all these years has always been an author as well. I’ve not had the problems you speak of. It’s easy to blame failure on others, much harder to take responsibility for it yourself in my opinion.

The mark of a successful person is how they deal with rejection, not that they’ve never been rejected :+1:t5:

As long as you keep trying and learn from your failures, chances are you will succeed…

Use the time to make your product better. Simply be so good, they can’t ignore you :ok_hand:t5::sweat_smile:

Good luck!


@Typps that’s right.


Easy to protect Envato. Scared to go against him… But apparently people with" eggs " here very little…

Envato is not an authority which you need to stay with and follow its conditions. It is a marketplace which is optional. If you are not liking it here then you can simply leave and try your luck somewhere else. Good luck!


Thank you for your opinion dear " Elite authors"…

But I expressed my position.


We all were where you are. And please be a part of our community, not against it :slight_smile:


Why does everyone think that they have become “elite authors” only for their personal merits?

As same search engine which promotes concrete authors I was flipping through 30 pages and on each page emerged alone and same the authors.

Page top sellers that does not change externally for two years of my observation.

Why there is no page where all the authors appear randomly?

I see that all Envato\ Aj is set up to promote only those who need to be promoted.

Recently promoted the track “pink Zebra” do you think it needs to be promoted? or more tracks are clones of popular.

I’m always glad to communicate with the authors of Envato, but I want fair treatment.

Btw it’s not fair to write that our community isn’t trying to achieve better conditions in our branch. Please read recent posts and express your point of view in this topic about cutting broadcast licenses in elements:

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Everyone is treated fairly, but the cream rises to the top.

Because that’s usually the case.

Search by newest items or price.

Makes sense from a business perspective. Get a 10% increase from promoting in a track that sells 100 times a month, that’s ten extra sales. Get a 10% increase from promoting a track that sells 10 times a month… that’s one extra sale.

I am interested in the reaction to my position.

And you’re getting reactions to your position.

My position is addressed to people-Envato official representatives who are responsible for working with authors.

I’ve never had any issues with reviewers. If anything, reviewers should step up their game and be much more selective when reviewing tracks. It’s way too easy to get track approved here and we have a lot of low quality tracks bulking the search engine.


And you can write anything you want, I can’t block. :blush:

If you want a response then you’re usually best to present your position as questions, and address them to the people you want to answer them.

I did the same but in the first post written about your proposed method. In my opinion, public address is the best way…

Even if the person you’re addressing it to never sees it? It may surprise you to know that the majority of Envato staff don’t sit around reading the forums all day.

I especially like the tracks rock, are written with “fl slayer”
it sounds like " commercial" :smiley:

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This is bad.

As man working with authors, not reads forum where the only place where the authors can speak out.

Yesterday you said the right words, " clients end up deciding what kind of music is good," so I want clients to decide how much my music suits them.