Nobody listens to Elite Author's complaint now?



In the past Envato used to respect their authors, specially the Elite Authors. But now nobody cares for the authors. I am consistently being targeted by the review team and I tried to contact the Elite managers but that is of no use. They don’t want to talk about the real issue. They just giving the copybook replies.

Now what should i do to resolve my queries?


I’ve noticed that as well. I think we are not important enough, Envato is not what it used to be, some things have improved but is not about passion anymore, is about making money, it use to be the other way arround and the quality of the plugins has decressed badly in the last years.

In my book is a recepy for disaster, time will tell, personally I will be part of envato until the end and I still hope things will change for the best.

Maybe I am just an optimist :slight_smile:


«Elite managers» ? What’s this?


Yes everything is about the money for envato now. They are selling millions of designs just for $29. They are making the money but not the authors. I used to submit Adobe Muse templates. One Muse template’s price is around 22 and on Envato Elements you can get hundreds of templates for just $29. Then why people buy from Themeforest. But they never tried to think about it.


Not only they dont listen to elite authors but the completely destroyed the review and the files accepted on the site and also sales went down the drain. as it seems they give to much attention to elements and stopped to care about the other markets. Envato imo is a waste of time anymore. As an Author i would like to see the credentials of the reviewers. also i would like to know the future of the marketplaces. For now all i see is childish competitions and stupid promotions. They forget that is because of the old authors they became who they are.


So true. They just concentrate on elements. All other markets are not important anymore. Review team’s work is at all time low. They keep approving low kind of design and rejecting the high end designs. Seems like they are promoting their own friends now. Specially they are working against the elite authors.


Hi @loveishkalsi

I appreciate your forum post and certainly hear your feedback.

I see from our past emails over the last 8 weeks we have spent a lot of time discussing both the review process and your specific submissions, this includes the ear and feedback of the review team, feedback in which you thanked us for.

Whilst I understand that authors won’t always agree or understand when certain items are not approved, myself and the wider author support team are always here to listen and provide as much clarity as we can on any concerns. I cannot always guarantee you will be happy with what the outcome is, but we will do all we can to explain the reasons behind this.

If we need to clarify anything from our previous discussions, I am happy to pick up where we left off but also respect your right to make clear your feelings here.

@romlam To confirm, any author, Elite as well as non-Elite will always receive a response from the author support team which covers Elite author’s, but there are no specific “Elite Managers”

@FWDesign @hotpin Thanks for your feedback. Whilst we certainly need to ensure Envato as a business is sustainable, its not just about the money, without authors, we are nothing. I always welcome your feedback/questions you have


Hi Will,
I appreciate your work. But the problem we elite authors have is with the rules of the company not with you. You are a great guy and a great support. Company rules say that we can not discuss other author’s items. But if we can’t compare the approved items with the rejected ones, then how can we explain what we want to say.

After our previous discussions, I got so many items approved and I am always thankful to you for that support. But some of the recent approvals of newbie designers left me speechless. 3-4 designs are such of a low quality that when I started eight years ago, those designs would be rejected at that point also. But these days such low quality designs are getting approvals.

The reviewer give me feedback last week that now they are looking for more unique and creative designs. Then I want to ask that what uniqueness and creativity those low level designs have that my designs don’t have.

The heart break thing is that sometimes the reviewer rejected my designs without reading the message i wrote in the message to reviewer section. You know he rejected 5 designs, those were that keynote versions of powerpoint ( it is common that if a design is approved in powerpoint its google slides and keynote versions always approved ). the rejection comes despite writing in the comments that it is the approved version. Then after submitting second or third time they got approved. Who is wrong in this incident? Why reviewers don’t read the messages? I lost 3-4 days of sale on all 5 designs.

We elite authors are the member of envato from 8-10 years. But its sad that nowdays reviewers are not doing their work properly and other thing is that envato don’t listen to us.



Thank you for answering this as an elite author I feel discouraged about the latest move Envato made. I am full pledge to Envato that means that all my time and effort is going into my work 8-10 hours per day for almost 9 years now, and from this both me and Envato we are thriving, but what happened into the marketplace in the last two yeast is scary man really scary. I have an opened mind and I am opened for change but what is happening now it dosen’t benefit authors at all just Envato. I remember the days when it was soooo hard to get something approved, reviewers were careful to every detail, , now the market place is inundated with low quality plugins some of them even me as a developer and plugin creator for more then 15 years I don’t even understand them and now elements.

I understand the idea behind elements and I guess is very profitable for Envato but for me as an author I have no drive to make a high quality plugin to work on the concept for weeks and moths and making it exist just to be part of a soup of 100k items and make just a cent from it, is insulting that is the best word I can think of.

Envato with the latest move has killed the passion to make plugins this is how I see it and when elements will digest the market we will be forced to find other solutions because sales and the feel of the marketplace in the past two moths has been dezastruos and I don’t think is just because is summer, there has been other summers and none like this one.

If you search the forums 90% + of authors are complaining about elements why do you guys push us away, we have an amazing deal, doesn’t make any sense.

I said this and I say it again I will be part of Envato until the last breath but I need your support as well, “I feel naked in the dark” with what is happening lately.


Thanks @loveishkalsi

Let’s continue your submissions via our email discussion.


Thanks @FWDesign for sharing these concerns with us.

I understand from discussing with other authors these concerns and if you would grant me some time, I would like to come back via email to you early next week with my thoughts on these.


I appreciate it as always!


All this feedback is going nowhere and no one is listening at least this is how i feel. As for the reviewers yes i doubt there decisions and rejections as well as their approvals as i see so low quality designs marked by them as “unique” and “high quality” sorry then but they misunderstood the meaning of those 2 words. I got rejected on 3 designs and i moved them to another marketplace forced by their hands and those designs that dont fit for envato now are selling like honey on another place and i dont know if i should thank them or just be puzzled by the decisions they made. I feel we the old authors are left out as the new blood took the priority. Soon Envato will have more authors than buyers.


Thanks @Hotpin

I appreciate the honesty here and whilst I hear similarities from other authors, I am very keen to really understand you on some of these points so if you would grant me some time, I will send you an email directly.


Yeah, I know that there are no any “Elite Managers”. Author just make me laugh :slight_smile:


Thanks @Will4490 i will be waiting.


I agree that this market is falling in the last years and the only reason for this is Elements. Envato has directed everything to him and the Market has lost the traffic and no one cares for this, approved item with low quality which before has no chance of downloading here while some of the better are rejected for no reason. I was already writing about low traffic and market collapse and always is answer now is holidays, weekend, a many items, should invest in marketing…acceptable response by someone who is here for a shorter time but somebody who’s been here for a long time and knows how things worked before Elements it is not reason. One more thing how much Envato cares about the market is this banner

if I want to invest in marketing and bring some traffic to my site Envato we take it with this banner and focus to Elements, too bad what the Envato does not care for authors and what the market is slowly fails just think how much more money.


I am frightened too by this banner)


This banner is the killer of so many categories on all the marketplaces.


First time i see a marketplace trying to kill all other marketplaces by advertising another one they own advertising it in their own space. (if what i wrote make any sense not native english)