Your reviewers are not competent.

Envato! Are you bullying me? rejection 5 items in a row. I’ve uploaded about 100 tracks to your site! You want to say during this time I have forgotten how to write and has fallen in quality??? What’s wrong with the quality of the music kit??? The original track was accepted and is being sold. This is lawlessness and harassment of authors. Your reviewers are not competent.


Good lord. Listen to yourself. Calm down and move on. This industry is all about rejection. I had exactly the same happen - a popular track released as a kit, rejected. Just accept it, move on and make something else. Self edit. In the time it took you to bang out this rant, you could have started something new.

Rejections went the last year. Previously, everything was accepted normally. And sometimes listening to some of the authors ’ works you are terrified. How was this approved? I don’t waste time and keep writing. Only they are rejected and rejected. I believe that this is done on purpose.