Need urgent help

Hi. I need an advice ! This topic has been discussed a hundred times, but I can no longer be silent!
Where and to whom to turn for help?
Everything was fine with me, they accepted the tracks and they had sales.
The last accepted track was in June !!! Last four months only rejections, not a single track was accepted !!!
What happened? What have I been so guilty of and whom have I so offended?
Maybe the reviewer set an automatic refusal or added me to the “black list”?
How to fix it ? Maybe my reviewer is tired of work and needs a replacement? Please don’t answer me with standard phrases - that reviewers select products,
which meet the general commercial quality standard required for AudioJungle reception.
I repeat once again - everything was fine with me, the tracks were accepted and sold, my quality has not changed !!!,
why all of a sudden my tracks no longer match the overall commercial quality?
Who can I contact to get my problem noticed?
This cannot continue, this is not a fair game!
In their letters of refusal, it is written - “Our responsive community will be happy to lend a helping hand.”
Give me a helping hand, don’t hit me on the head !!!
The problem is not that one track was rejected, but that my tracks were rejected for four months in a row !!!


Please upload the rejected tracks on soundcloud and post a link here. Every product is unique and no reviewer may judge your tracks based on your previous approved ones. From my experience ( but i may be mistaken ) the reviewers are rejecting tracks due to lack of commercial quality , meaning your track may be well composed and produced but it will not generate sells. Or is not meeting the expected commercial quality. Which means there are flaws in the writing, producing or technical issues.

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Are you saying that all the proven tracks on AJ are perfect and commercially flawless?
Do not make me laugh. Then why are there no sales on them if they have been tested so thoroughly?
If the reviewer approves of the tracks and considers them to be commercial for sale, then what does he give a guarantee of sales? No, it doesn’t.
So absolutely all the tracks would be sold, but most of the tracks are not for sale and are dead weight. Where is the logic ?
Maybe, on the contrary, users would buy exactly discarded tracks.
People are looking for their music, but it is not here, because there is no choice.
Users are imposed on thousands of tracks similar to each other, like twins.
Explain how a reviewer can decide for another person to buy something or not on AJ?
The task of the reviewer (as it seems to me) is to create, not destroy.
All people have different preferences in music and may not match the taste of the reviewer.
Maybe the reviewer is a fan of ukulele, but I don’t write tracks with this instrument, what should I do to make him like it?
I was given the Trandsetter badge and thought I was on the right track, but it turns out I have to play the lottery with a reviewer,
whether I’m lucky or not …

Unfortunately having tracks approved on AJ does not guarantee sales. What we can do is create tracks that could potentially be appealing to buyers however it is no sure thing.
I have plenty of 0 sales but I shall keep them here as you never know.


I want to be given at least the opportunity to sell my tracks and I agree to delete the tracks in a month (for example) if they don’t sell … But they don’t give me any chance!
I will complain to the United Nations :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@CHANDRSTUDIO calm down a bit. I can understand your frustration.
@Soundtrickz never claimed, that an approved track will have the guarantee for any sales. The reviewer approves a track, if he recognize, taht is has the commercial potential for sales.

You are annoyed about the reviewers - but you are wrong. Believe me. They are experienced enough to filter out stuff, which will have no sales in the future. You would win nothing, if a reviewer would approve your track (because you like your track) and your catalog is growing with not selling items.

Tray to take another perspective. Try to understand, what the commercial potential means. Try to adapt, what customers want. If you try to compose music, which you like, but which not support a product (like a video), you will be not successful here. That doesn’t mean, that your tracks are bad. But in this case you are at the wrong place here. Then you better try to sell your music as an album or something like that.

I make the same tracks as before and they had sales. Are they now non-commercial? Even if they are not for sale today, after a while they will definitely find their buyer. You can’t wave sabers like that …


I do not want to start an arguement here.
My advice was to upload the tracks that were rejected in order to listen to them. Maybe there are some issues with them. Or not. Maybe , as you said, the reviewers were wrong. But without listening to them , we are just guessing and speculating the ideea that the reviewers put you on a black list. And that’s speculative and absurd. I understand your frustration, ( politely ) , and as anyone here, i had my share of rejections . But after a while, i understood my mistakes, and i agreed the fact that the reviewers were right.


:blush: you did the right thing to bring up this topic here.
Now - tracks to the studio !! so that we can understand what’s what.
If your tracks are truly underrated we will support this theme for moderators or someone at Envato to take notice.

What is the point of exhibiting my tracks through Souncloud, what will change from this, they will suddenly appear in my portfolio? I also made mistakes many times and then corrected them, agreeing with the reviewers. I can imagine your reaction if your tracks suddenly stop being reviewed for four months in a row, I repeat - four months in a row. Any of us wondered if something was wrong here … I will not exhibit all of my rejected tracks from the last four months. Here is just one of them, as an example (I’ll remove it in a few days). I’m not saying that this is some kind of masterpiece, but I don’t understand. why he doesn’t belong in my portfolio. After the refusal, I published it on my YouTube channel (I changed the name of the track) and after three weeks this track scored 35,000 views … The meaning of my post, if someone did not understand, is not to discuss some track, but to deal with what is the reason for such drastic changes. I think AJ is not playing by the rules here!

The point of my post is to figure out what specific conditions for commercial compliance with the quality standard should be for our tracks.
This is the obligatory use of the ukulele or the obligatory 100% similarity to other twin brothers :joy: :joy: :joy:
Give our tracks a chance! :metal:

I think your approach to this is not right. You feel you are right and everybody else is wrong. With that attitude nothing can change. Start to realise that we all had tens, hundreds of rejections and that it doesn’t mean anything personal. If your music is successful on Youtube, great - upload it there, make money there.
Also the quality standard here is constantly rising, like every month. Not only that, but demands change. What was considered a commercial good track one year ago might now already be something that would not be accepted here. The competition is huge. All these things are taken into account.
Also music that sells here has to work with other elements like video. A lot of the times music gets rejected because it is ‘too busy’ I feel. The music can be great to listen to but it draws attention to itself too much. Production music is an art form it self next to pop music or other musical endeavours.
My humble opinion.


I think the track is too repetitive for that long, and sometimes there are something a little bit high. (1:29 for example).
Even sometimes i feel it like a demo, showing effects or guitar part to test.
But this is just my opinion.

In order to understand what is trending on AJ today, I need to download at least 5 tracks per month, but not with my limit of two tracks. With this speed, I will never understand what AJ needs and how I can catch the right wave. I don’t need to be sent to YouTube, I want to make money on AJ. Recently I had a heart attack, I am disabled and I cannot find a job. There was one hope of making money on AJ, but I will grow a long beard faster than I can catch the mood of my reviewer :blush:

I have to repeat the same thing - I did not write a post to discuss the track is it good or bad. The meaning is different. You drew too quick conclusions.

@CHANDRSTUDIO I guess, you’ll not get a satisfying answer here.
Your initial post says: 4 months of rejections. Not a single track was accepted.

This question can nobody answering here without hearing your tracks and finding a possible reason.

Then you posted one of your rejected tracks. One of the members gave you his opinion, why it possibly was rejected. And your answer is: I dont want to discuss my tracks.

Imagine, you go to the doctor, asking him for help, but prevent him to do a check-up. How the heck should he help you then?

I’m sorry, but all this is not logical. What do you expect from us, if you ask such questions? Do you only want a confirmation, that the reviewers have you “blacklisted” and simply not recognize your talent?

If you’re convinced , that your music will sell like hell and AJ is only to dumb to recognize your talent, try another place, another platform, another marketing strategy. No one can help you here with your attitude.


I have not written about any of my talent and that I am the best too. Thank you for shutting my mouth and pouring your anger and indignation on me. The topic is closed! This is really a conversation between a deaf and a dumb. Thanks again for the “supporting hand”, I will not bother anyone with my stupid (as you think) posts anymore. Good luck and good sales!

Finally. Don’t forget to click the “Solved” button.