Large number of rejections posted here...

If that is the standard being posted here asking for feedback following a hard rejection, what happens when Envato re-introduces new author applications?

Oh dear, prepare for lengthy review times and a deluge of forum postings.

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Yes, you’re right, the amount of asking-for-rejection-reasons-posts is huge.
One one hand it’s good. It seems, that reviewers have improved the review process in terms of quality. That will help to improve the overall quality on the AJ portfolio.

I really hope, that later then a new author application will include a pre check, if new authors already able to deliver items in a RF-market-ready quality. If that would happen, maybe the review times and the amount of such posts could be kept low.


I doubt that the postings will be kept low. There will always be authors who submit items believing that there is:

a. A reviewer with a hidden agenda
b. The item in question exceeds the quality found on Audiojungle
c. Feedback from the community to validate how good and proud they must be in creating said item
d. The item has been copied exactly using the same arrangement and palette of sounds from an existing track and surely there must be some mistake in the review process.

Yes, you’re also right here. But I hope, in a long term perspective, that we’ll get an improvement. I am also tired about such posts. It shows, that some authors have not dealt seriously with the RF market and necessary quality, before they start upload items. In the last time this forum mutates to an e-learning platform for beginners in composing and mixing.
I don’t answer to such posts any longer. Wasted time.

Ahhh, you forgot two important things in your list:

  • The reviewer is always wrong with his decision for a rejection.
  • The rejected item was approved on any other RF market platform and obiously sells very well there

Thank you for adding these two important but necessary updates.

Yes, you are right this is huge amount .