The great and mighty "hard rejected". dancing with a tambourine - continued.

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

In what place this track does not match? Guitar play notes not from our planet? or audiojungle no “corporate” track with melody on guitar?

The most insulting that at the same time, I look at the tracks that
approved and I see “clones” and often come across with such quality sound…

It seems I begin to understand why no one interested to my proposal about the promotion of “Envato” in the Internet with the help of the community.

I think you should change the perception of what is happening. You perceive rejection as a personal insult - it’s wrong. You have approved tracks in the portfolio, so you are moving in the right direction. Don’t concentrate on your shortcomings, you need to improve your strengths. Your music is good, but the reviewers apparently think that it lacks some thoroughness. It seems to me that some instruments sound a little “robotic”, it is probably worth trying another library of string and orchestral. I understand your indignation at the “Clone Wars” - it is sometimes discouraging, but don’t forget that we are in the market, and the competition and the quality level in this market are growing every day!There are exceptions when the new author loads the first few works and immediately gets the “featured file”, gets to the first page, to popular files and so on. Talent? Luck? Cool tracks? All of the above? Most likely hard and constant work on yourself. But we don’t know this, because we see only the result, not the whole process.I think rejection is a test of how much you want to achieve a result on the AJ and how persistently you are willing to work for it. The elevator to the success does not work, use the stairs!)

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My strong side is that I am able to see the big picture. My arguments are based on a fairly long observation.

At the moment works like this: as long as your tracks are accepted you are selling as soon as the flow stops the sale disappear. I watch some sellers who don’t best quality product and commercial value, but their “portfolio” is populated, despite the low number of sales.

I realize that this is not a whim of the reviewers, they receive commands from the top. But how to attract the attention of these people and tell them that to do so is not true that buyers are real people, and most of them even though the original view of your product, not “clone” of the popular track.

I decided to go by personality. and to bring to the market a variety, But I can see what a rip-off, clones, poor sound quality accepted, and a fresh approach to business is not welcome.

As we can see - there was a huge decline in trade since last summer this trend continues. best seller last week was the track with 8 sales. eight sales, Carl! I have a question: where are the buyers? They stopped making ads, blogging, doing presentations? no! they went to other platforms because tired in poiskovoy system to see the tracks and one tehzhe chords and the same melody.

“Envato” you began to reap the fruits of their labors. As discussed since last summer. Congratulations.

Maybe the bass too loud ?

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I take pictures of “spectrum” to the other tracks and all frequencies within the standard. I think there is no great difficulty to give a “soft rejected” and write" turn it down the bass." But thank you.

"Hard rejected"


First of all I think you did a great job! :slightly_smiling_face:
Totally agree with @Lemonello As I said in other posts, I think it’s not about GOOD or BAD… I’m sure curators think that you did a great job, as I think… but they don’t consider that your track have place here, because the simplest music can be the better background for a project… I have some very simple tracks approved with some sales (not a lot unfortunately) and I have some hard worked tracks that only have one or two sales… for massive reproduction licenses :slight_smile:
Well, my opinion about how to improve things… maybe the sounds … I don’t like much the drums from the first track… moreover, at 1:25 you do an abrupt ending while I was expecting for some less abrupt final… with some more energy… and continuation… maybe enhancing bass and finishing with some more energy… don’t know how to explain… it’s just my feeling… :smiley:
good luck!

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@FoxHorn, I can relate to how you feel, today I got my third track since Sunday rejected. The taste of the reviewers is, of course, subjective and I can’t blame them for not liking my music. Just as I can’t blame my wife for not loving me :smile: And even though I have quit my job one week ago to make music 16 h per day. I try to keep going and improving, but it is hard and if it weren’t, everyone would succeed and that wouldn’t be possible. That’s how I think right now. I think your tracks are good.


“Hard rejected”



"hard rejected"

“Hard rejected”