My music was rejected, can anyone help me with feedback? Thx!

Hello everyone! Can you give me some feedback on this track?
Thank you

Hello! The idea of ​​the track is audible and it’s not bad.
But overall, the mix sounds very rough and harsh. You just need to work with the arrangement and the mix. It is possible to replace some sounds. And the main thing is to process them with reverb effects, equalize and balance so that it sounds pleasant and transparent. There are some interesting parts that get lost due to poor mixing. Also pay attention to the frequency balance and any harsh sounds that are too much. Many parties are in the same frequency range and interfere with each other.

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you guys, always rush to finish your songs, I myself have done it in past. But making a song is not like making a breakfast, it requires effort, and sometimes a lot! Listen with headphones for mix problems, for louder and lower sounds, for frequencies that just dirty up the mix and make it dirtier, while it should be clean! and also music is a masterpiece, its not just a breakfast, so spend the time needed

Ok, thanks)

Good morning,

Very interesting stuff in there!

In addition to what has already been said, the beginning is pretty abrupt too. The track itself just sounds unfinished. It can be really exciting to come up with cool new variations and textures, of which your track has a bunch, but you still need to make sure that you’ve gone through your mix thoroughly.

For instance the delayed bass, which is one of your most distinctive parts, is buried in the background. Try cutting off the extra low-end frequencies off the arp synths to give it space to come out and add some saturation too. The track could use some more percussion as well.

Good luck!

  • Nathan