Music track - Hard rejection: need your feedback!

Hello everyone!
This music track got rejected. I need your suggestions to improve this composition.
Thank you very much!


I like your chord arrangement. It’s contemporary and hooky.

Only problem for me was the mix. Very one dimensional and squashed right up against my ears. I’d open it up more and use teverb and delay to better effect. Your main arpeggiated riff would sound awesome with a good reverb and pre delay.

Back off the compression a bit too.

I like it though :grinning:

Hi Pressmaster! Good to see such a talented author is expanding their repertoire to AudioJungle! I hear you’re the top monthly author in VideoHive and PhotoDune! :slight_smile:

As for the rejection, I have to agree with Woodmill. The mix needs some work.

Firstly, I’d say the overall mix sounds a little crushed; especially the synths that come in at 0:42. Unless it’s an intentional effect you’re after, it sounds far too compressed. I would back off the master volume a bit as well if you have a brick wall limiter on it. This will give the mix some more headroom and dynamics.

Additionally, you could try and expand the sound stage by hard panning some of the background instruments. This works best for things like hi-hats, background synths, textural sounds and any other mid-to-high frequency focussed instruments. This will give your mix a nice spatial quality and make more room for each sound / instrument to fit in the mix.

Like Woodmill said, adding some reverb and delay to the main synth hook could do wonders. You could even go further and try a “ping-pong” style delay with the feedback panned through both the left and right channels.

In terms of master EQing, it’s largely down to personal preference and varies depending on genre, but I might give the low-mid areas a tiny boost for a fuller and thicker sound.

I’m assuming the file you have on SoundCloud is a low bit-rate MP3 as well, otherwise I’d say it lacks definition in the high-end.

Compositionally it’s a great tune. Keep working on the production side of things and you’ll have a very competent track. It definitely has potential. I’ve been listening to it on repeat while writing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Somehow it sounds out of sync to me. Not so much that I can point my finger and say what’s wrong, but it just doesn’t groove…Maybe delay line is not synced or something,maybe its just mix. All elements are here they just need some better puting together

I like it :smile: