I Don't Usually Post These But...

I’m looking for some feedback so as to possibly rectify a hard rejection. My hopes are that maybe it’s the mix? As you know, no real feedback is provided by reviewers so I’m left to guess. I’ve listened to the darn track so many times I think I’ve simply gone tone deaf so I ask for your help and constructive criticism.

Thank you in advance guys/girls

Hi @MusicBoxStudios, I listened to the first 10 seconds of the track and I think you need a break from it for a day or so. To me the mix sounds like the strings have been set in too much reverb, just ease off the wet / dry balance and the sub kick and bass have been compressed so much that a limiter has taken out the impact at the low end. Give yourself a break from this one and come back to it at a later date with a fresh set of ears.


Hello @MusicBoxStudios ! In my opinion the main problem of the track is a huge amount of reverberation, a mess in the sound and because of this very unpleasant buzz on the whole spectrum of frequencies except low. Incorrect volume balance between instruments, it seems that one instrument tries to outshout the second, and the second tries to outshout the third instrument and so on, like a snowball + a huge echo (tail). Good luck !

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Hi! Agree with the other comments, to my ears the general mid freq also sounds to aggressive/harsh. Check your EQ balances in the master as well and potential limiters who’s squashing the mix to hard. My guess its the mix, can´t hear anything wrong with the composition :slight_smile:

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What the gents above said: Less verb, less harshness, less hi-mids, less “in-your-face” and you should be good.

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Wow… listening right now with my headphones, and I can’t agree more with the previous comments… so harsh in the high frequencies! What kind of monitors / headphones do you use?

I am currently listening with “consumer”, cheap headphones… so I guess that with my DT770 it will be even more obvious.

You need your ears to rest :slight_smile: The composition itself is really nice!! The only thing is I have the feeling I have already heard the first part somewhere… I guess that many “Epic Cinematic” tracks use the same arpeggios here on AJ :wink:

Good luck - don’t give up as I think this song is really nice, but something is really wrong with the mix.


This is the reason I love the AJ community! Than you all for the feedback! I’m gonna come back to this track after a few days and see what I can do.

Strangely enough, I think the harsh frequencies were created because I recently purchased Neutron 2 and ran the “auto analysis” on each track and allowed Neutron to self-set the parameters. Big mistake I guess. I’ll be reverting back to my old style of mixing by ear and go from there.


very good advice… sometimes having some rest it’s very useful… then when you come back… it’s different, feel with new energies and perception it’s also better.

I bought Neutron (the first one) some time ago, thinking it would help… but I always end up deleting the fx, and replacing it with simpler alternatives. For some reason it seems to always be a bit “over the top”, too much “exciters” in the high frequencies, too much bass,…

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