Need a help. Hard rejected. Please feedback!

Hello everyone! My track was hard rejected. I dont understand what wrong. Can you help me?

Hi there! I am also new, and learning. However, my 2 cents are: I like the theme, a bit new wave, but the mixing is poor and so are the sounds (sorry for being rough…!). If you have a listen to similar tracks on AJ you will immediately understand what I mean. I also submitted tracks of similar quality a year ago and after all the rejections I began to study, I think I am better now even though I have nothing approved yet :sweat_smile:

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  1. Very poorly chosen tools
  2. Poorly done
  3. Mixing is bad
  4. In some chord, the wrong note was taken from the instruments.
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I like this track it is interesting.

  1. In my opinion you need put this track in “experimental” genre.
  2. Bass very loud. Bass must have hight middle frequense and low frequence.
    AND ALSO i recomendet use the plugin ))
  3. Drums is dry and need the compreseed.
    4 ) Listen to other tracks and work on the structure.
  4. Use reverberator.
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