My mule don't like people rejecting my track

Right, my wounds have healed and I’m back…
Check this out.

• Held back on the reverb, though there’s a few instruments that still need some I think
• Updated some of the samples, guitars and percussion
• Added a slight inversion to the tremolo guitar melody on the third phrase to make it less repetitive
• Cut back on the church bells
• Added some cowboy chants
• General remix and rebalance

Will be uploading this soon, on fresh ears, so any last chance saloon comments are welcome!

Thanks again everyone for your input. The AJ rejection comments are the pits but you guys are gold :slight_smile:


Sounds much better! It’s all much clearer and defined. The acoustic guitar which sounded off and drowned out, now has great sound.
Though I think the whistle is too prominent, I would lower its volume and maybe cut some of it out, so that it doesn’t keep on playing throughout. That’s a matter of taste though, so take it as you please.

Thanks for your input again, appreciated. Fair comment on the whistle repeat. I’ll check that.

Very nice! As @PurpleFog commented, the whistle may be an element that could be polarizing with buyers. I like it, but as a video editor, I would also find a 2nd mix w/o the whistling (included in the zip file) very useful. Anything that gives your track more utility, or gives editors options to make it fit on different projects is always encouraged.

Thanks for your comments, good idea. I think I will cut 8 bars out the first track and feature the humming more in place, then do a second version without. Cheers.

Well that’s it, submitted.
Thanks again everyone for your input - really do appreciate. I feel my game as been upped.
I’ve asked the undertaker to prepare a coffin measured to fit me or AJ reviewer. One of us will fall…


Super now, congrats!!!

Thank you. 3 days in to submission waiting …guns crossed.

Sounds Awesome…good luck with it.
Another +1 for your Oriental Botanicals Relaxing Piano :+1:

Thank you so much for saying so. Unfortunately I only get a handful of page views on the relaxing piano a month, and that’s probably you guys! But hey ho :slight_smile:

Seriously losing my patience with AJ now.

Resubmitted with the changes you’ve all seen here and I get:

“Our system indicates that this is a re-submission of a track that was previously hard rejected.
Resubmitting without making any significant changes or improvements to distinguish the track as an entirely new item is not considered acceptable use of the Envato markets. Repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.
Thank you for your attention and understanding.”

Any advice here?!!

I’ll add that it went on hold first, so assume this has been conferred and not just an automated response.
All this delivered with a no-reply email so I just bend over and take it do I?

You spy tell that I’m no longer in the mood for self-depreciating humour and cowboy metaphors!

Ahh ball bags. I’d take that on the chin, upload it on a different site and start working on something new. I reckon this will sell well on the competition. AJ’s loss. No biggie for you, or your mule I’d say!

Thanks! I put a ticket in referring to this thread to show them the progress and development with input from the community (as they suggested in the original rejection email). We’ll see what happens, but assuming they’re not going to back down, I guess I have no choice to take it elsewhere. On a side note, if this track has not been deemed different enough, then one would also have to assume it remains a track which is not to the quality and standards??

Is this really the norm though for a hard reject? I’m just thinking what’s the point of all these rejection advice posts if this is going to be the likely outcome - I’ve been warned/threatened with permanent suspension if I do it again, so I now have to risk that with any amended track based on all your great feedback! That’s the bit that annoyed ME, never mind the mule.

Rant over.
(And possibly my efforts full stop with this platform, we’ll see)

Thanks again for the input :slight_smile:

So just an update for anyone else out there interested, AJ’s stance:

“I am glad to see you have taken the initiative to seek feedback and critique on this from the wider community but this does not mean that the team re-reviews tracks based on this. This is more, you can go out and get feedback about this track to see if you can take these learning to any new tracks. I am sorry but the team will not reconsider any item that has been hard-rejected.”

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Then they are inconsistent. I have had a few hard rejections, worked on them and resubmitted along with a quick note saying they were resubmissions. Never had an issue. They even stated at one point, that resubmitting with substantial improvements was ok… which is very different from “the team will not reconsider any item that has been hard-rejected
Well, I guess it’s their loss then, sorry about that, I know this must be really frustrating.

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I guess it’s a tricky one for the AJ review team to give advice about. In the first instance, rejected authors have to guess what it was about the track that made the reviewer reject it, and secondly, you have to then guess how much change would be deemed enough to allow it to be re-submitted. Since these things aren’t quantifiable, I guess it’s easier for the review team to just tell you not to re-submit anything when challenged directly about it.

I hope this experience doesn’t get you down-hearted for too long. The changes you’ve made to Spaghetti Western are definitely a massive improvement, so the advice from this thread isn’t for nothing as I’m sure it will make your track more successful where-ever you decide to sell it.

Us here in this thread can see the changes that you’ve made as clear as night and day because we’ve been involved in suggesting some. But from the reviewer’s perspective, I suppose it is essentially exactly the same track, remixed, and none of us managed to guess their reason for the rejection correctly.

I think the track is very sellable as it is, but If you wanted to continue to improve it (not necessarily to re-submit here, but just to make it the best it can be), I would take on board @bosone’s advice and say, less is more with the rhythm. I like the bass very much, but the dense drums somewhat steal some of the musical style characteristics. Also, I’m still not blown away by the acoustic guitar. Sampled guitars are notoriously difficult to craft and the track is crying out for a real one. The woodblock sound is still a bit artificial too.

I always take my rejections with a chaser of “okay, fck-em!” and try not to let them get me down.


Thanks for your reply and positive comments :slight_smile:
I’ll definitely try that fck-em chaser!

I may try again with other tracks - but at the moment I’m not seeing any light at the tunnel for effort vs reward on AJ. I’m putting my energy on a few other platforms at the moment to see what they could bring.

I have a massive sack of AJ rejects that can be made good (as they are for most in my opinion!) - but I have to say the feedback here has definitely upped my production and mixing game, so going forward I feel more empowered with that than down with the AJ farce! So a massive thanks to everyone here for your help and comments, with sincerity!


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Hey Simon,

There’s always something new to learn with this kind of work, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it.

You did a great job refining this track, and I’m sure you have plenty of great work ahead of you. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

All the best!

Hi megatalented, shame about your track not being accepted, hopefully you will find another home for it which I’m sure you will. Some great advice given here, i’m not really going to add much to it as i don’t really comment on this kind of stuff but the only thing i would say is…when you think a track is finished leave it for a week or so and go back to it with fresh ears and if you think it’s ready for upload then go for it! Hope that helps.
I did find this post from Adrien however and i picked out this point;

Here’s the whole topic from 2015 btw.

All the best and don’t give up, looking forward to hearing some more of your work. Ps. Look after that Mule!