My mule don't like people rejecting my track

One day I’ll stop taking the rejection so personally like a kick to the regions…
Meanwhile, any feedback for rejection of this cowboy track would be greatly received :slight_smile:



Yeah… better to not upset mules. They quickly become stubborn :slightly_smiling_face:
But anyway - cool song! This really is spaghetti western
(and for sure your mule like it).

As for the sound I’d say that the whistles sound a bit sharp to my ears,
for example at 0:22. But I don’t know how much that is due to individual hearing.
Therefore, just as an idea.

Keep on and say hello to your mule :beers:

Thanks for the feedback BluePaw. I’ll take all comments on board.

Any other comments people, all welcome, I’ll put 'em all into the mix and try again.

Cool song, good production, but imho too much church bell and too much reverb.

Thank you Audioland, taken on board… Church bell I could definitely cut back to make it more effective when it’s there, thanks. The reverb I was pushing for atmosphere, which I reckon I achieved, but can see, now you’ve said it, that it could be judged as amateur reverb swamping :slight_smile:

Love the track, very well done and atmospheric, but yeah too much reverb. I also agree that you should cut some of them bells. And the guitar phrase, is a bit too repetitive.

In any case, I think you’re pretty close to getting it approved.

Thank you

It’s a great track with some nice musical ideas, but I think some of the sounds that you’ve used sound a little bit cheap, particularly the percussion and rhythm section. There’s definitely too much reverb, but when you roll that reverb back, I have a feeling that it might expose the poor instrument sounds even more.
What drum/percussion sound source are you using? The cymbal hits sound a bit thin and piercing, and also the woodblock at 0:06 has a repeating sample which sounds artificial throughout. If you can, Use sample libraries with round-robins, particularly for percussive sounds. I would also suggest looking for a better sounding acoustic guitar sample, because when it’s exposed like at 0:07, 0:12 and 1:26, it’s a bit lifeless. If you have the facility to play this on an actual guitar, that would be even better.

Hey @megatalented, don’t be discouraged. Your idea is great. But, since it was rejected, it may need a bit more in the way of production and/or an upgrade in sample libraries (if that’s what you’re using to create it).

I have used a couple tracks like this when putting TV spots together for clients, and have found some good ones here on AJ. I think yours has the potential to really stand out, but like some people have offered here, the atmospheric reverb might be a bit too strong, or should be ducked behind some of the instruments so they are a bit more in the foreground.

Some of the percussion samples and guitar parts might need improvement for this track to get approved.

Having said all that, here’s the best advice I can offer:

It’s certainly possible and/or likely that if you search around on AJ for other tracks like yours, you will find a few that are probably inferior to yours that have been approved. The reviewing process isn’t perfect.

However, you will also find quite a few tracks in the same style that are really cool and professional sounding. Look for those ones, study them and learn what makes them sound so great. Then work toward bringing yours up to those standards.

Here is a search for “desert showdown” that will get you started:

Seriously, the idea behind your “Spaghetti Western” is great. I would look forward to hearing it again if you do some more work on it. Best of luck!

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Thank you all for your input, I appreciate the effort and time for such a thorough critique.
Yes, when you search around and find tonnes of (IMO of course!) ‘inferior’ ones, the mule gets upset lol. But true there are some really good ones too, and that’s always my aim. I have EW libraries, though this was a track written before the upgrade so is actually a mixup of good and bad (though I didn’t consider the bad ‘too bad’ for approval) but since you all seemed to have picked up on the samples that remained that aren’t cutting it, I think my game has been raised for that now. So all valid and constructive criticism, so thanks for that. I will make some changes and repost on this thread the improved version. Then sit and wait. You’ll find me in the saloon drinking whiskey.

Haha, nice! Made me think about the new Tarantino film? Have you seen it? It’s awesome!
Trudi: That was the best acting I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
Rick Dalton: Thank you.
[as she walks off, Rick tears up; to himself]
Rick Dalton: Rick fu*king Dalton.

I find it’s best not to dwell on inferior sounding tracks that are accepted. Being accepted is just the first step, the more important step is actually selling some, and poor sounding tracks, whether they are accepted or not are less likely to make a sale than good quality ones. Also, the quality of sample-based sounds is constantly improving, so it’s important to keep your sound base current. Sounds which might have been considered ok quality as little as two years ago, today you might say sound dated and cheap, and I believe Audio Jungle’s quality bar is also rising.

Best advice I can offer is to only worry about what the best sounding tracks are like when comparing your track and forget about the rest. Poor quality tracks will only sell in the bargain basement, or as I think of it, the rectum of Audio Jungle, and the return on making a sale from there is practically pointless and not worth the effort that it takes to produce a track.

This is great advice.

Agreed. Some good advice here, thank you.
Hard to accept when one currently isn’t even deemed good enough to be part of AJ’s rectum, of course, but you’re right lol.

I’ll be back.

:smile: You have an awesomely self-depricating sense of humour! I love it. It’s un-warranted of course, because your musical skills are great. Your oriental piano track is top-notch. I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble getting Spaghetti Western accepted. (Just don’t put it in the rectum once it’s up there! :grin:)

for me the production is too wet and too distant from the typical “spaghetti western style”. and honestly speaking those drums are terrible :confused:

you can take mine as comparison, it performed quite well across several libraries:

i think that in this style simplicity is the key. less is more.

Uumm… Why was it rejected?

I don’t see how this track could be rejected, production is fine and all of the positioning of your bells & whistles are a matter of taste.

Melodically speaking, you have walked very close to Ennio Morricone’s style but it sounds like it’s all yours. I think the track is showing originality based on that style.
Sister Sara would be pleased!
So, why was it rejected, really?

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Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: - My first thought for any rejection is always a great big ‘ffs, really’? That’s natural, I guess - and I think a lot of it is down to opinion and taste also. That said, I’m working on a revised version, taking on board the comments here on sample library sounds and over-reverb, and currently I think my reworked version is better to be fair. Whether the improved version gets accepted, or is indeed better, or if the old one wasn’t really good enough, remains at the mercy of the powers that be, so we’ll see cowboy. I’ll take this one on the chin, I’m more annoyed on other submissions that have been rejected without having a clue at all as to why!

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I’ll post it here when it’s done :slight_smile:

100% agree :slight_smile:

You truly believe it’s the reverb and some bells? :stuck_out_tongue: really?