Merge two accounts into one.

Decided to move the approved tracks from another account to the main one in the end got “hard rejected”. Be careful.

Thank You Envato.

I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to re-upload an item once you delete it, regardless of the circumstances:

How do I remove my items for sale and what happens when I do?

Please note that once you delete an item you cannot change your mind, and Envato Market does not allow authors to re-upload previously deleted items. Please be certain before deleting your item.

If you are trying to move an item from one account to another, it probably isn’t possible, but you can always try asking support:

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I won’t even comment on it. Thanks. :laughing:

Sounds like they were simply not matching the current standard anymore.

Let it be. I warned those people who might want to put their portfolio in order.

Cool, just make sure you read the rules first next time, as stated above, before “warning” people.

Tell people who place one track on several accounts and after “exposure” continue to work without receiving locks from Envato.

No. We’re not telling those people because they’re not in this thread, and this thread is about you breaking the rules of Envato… so we’re telling you. Don’t warn people that they might get their items rejected if they upload them to a different account… warn people that they’re breaking the rules if they upload their items to a different account, so they shouldn’t do it.

There’s far too many people here with a ‘well if they’re doing it…’ kind of attitude. Whether it’s people breaking the rules or having items rejected that they feel are better than items that were approved… keep your own house in order, and if you have an issue with someone else then contact support.


Envato loves destructive laws . :wink:

P.S. I raised this issue because Envato does not motivate sellers to restore order. Where the ability to make a merge accounts. You’re talking about violations, and I’m talking about improving the service. The fewer accounts the easier it is to keep order. A lot of people happily made the merger. But instead of facilities for workers we have rules that consume any initiative…

How does any of that equate to you ‘trying to improve the service’? How does any of that have anything to do with Envato not motivating ‘sellers to restore order’?

But you’re still doing it. Avoiding the issue at hand by attempting to move the blame onto Envato. It seems like you didn’t even know the rules about not deleting items and then re-uploading them (rules that we agree to abide by by using the site)… otherwise you’d be unlikely to admit to breaking the rules in a forum thread.

There isn’t a facility to merge accounts because that would be a lot of work for a feature that would be rarely used, and would be of little to no benefit to Envato or buyers. As for motivating authors to move from having two accounts to one account… what do you want? A prize… some gift vouchers… reduced fees… a badge?

But like I say, if you have an issue… contact support. I wanted to move a few items from one account to another, but I didn’t as I knew it was against the rules… so I contacted support and asked, and they gave me permission to do so. That’s how you go about it.

You see a situation like that:

I see this situation.

I hope you will understand this analogy.

You will not agree with me because your interests are the interests of Envato.

For you, motivation is a material reward; money, badges, coupons… For me , the motivation in this situation - is an explanation that the search engine will be easier to work, the Staff will be easier to identify intruders, etc.of course many are satisfied with the current situation, but many people understand and are happy to do so as it will be better.

My interests are the interests of common sense. I don’t care about badges and coupons.

It’s a bit late to go bigging up your intentions like you were thinking of the greater good or looking at the big picture… your post was purely about deleting items from one account and not getting them approved on the other.

I’m not offering you badges. I propose to discuss the problem of “duplicate tracks” on several accounts, the possibility of merging accounts. I do not require. don’t make me an enemy of humanity.

an enemy of humanity?..

Google translate can be quite eloquent sometimes :slight_smile:

All correctly written. SpaceStockFootage, He knows what I’m talking about.

By the way I remember the author who did that some ago. He removed tracks and uploaded them to non-exclusive account. But he got the permission from Envato to do that after request to Support Team.

So yes be careful.


I am not clear now, you confused me: ok, it is illegal (but impossible anyway) to move a track from one account to the other.
But deleting from one account, and then reuploading on another one is also illegal?

To be honest, I am tired of all these “illegal” warnings I see on these forums… while on the other hand people copy paste tracks, have several exclusive accounts, and totally ignore the rules… (but it is illegal to talk about that on the forums !)

Who said anything was illegal?

  1. It’s against the rules of Envato to re-upload an item that has been deleted… whether that be to the same account or to a different account.

  2. No, there is no facility to transfer an item from one account to another. If you want to do that, support might be able to help.

  3. It’s not against the rules to talk about copy paste tracks, people having several exclusive accounts (which isn’t against the rules by the way), and talk about authors totally ignoring the rules… but it is against the rules to call out specific items or authors. For that, you should report them to support so they can take the appropriate action.

The question arose: 1 account has the ability to download 5 tracks at a time, but if one author has 2 accounts, he can download 10 tracks. so obrozom in my opinion is a violation of the rule.