Merge two accounts into one.

Well there’s nothing wrong with having multiple accounts. Although it does seem slightly pointless as it’ll take you twice as long to reach Elite. So although there’s nothing specific in the rules about creating two accounts so you can get around the upload rules, it’s definitely a grey area… and I personally think it’s wrong to do so.

Although an important point to note… Envato implemented the upload limits for a reason. If enough people are creating additional accounts to get around that, so the benefits of the limits are no longer being realised… then you can be sure they’ll do something about it.


It says in the guidelines that you can have one exclusive and one non-exclusive account…or did I get that wrong? Here is where I saw it when I set up a second (non-exclusive) account a bit back…

No, it just says you can create two accounts. It doesn’t say you have to, or that you can’t create 3, 4, 5 or 6 accounts.

Oh I see, right…well that is interesting :slight_smile: cheers.

Thanks for the clarifications :slight_smile:
Ok I thought that talking about some subjects were taboo, but now I understand that it is just when you give names. I’ll never do that anyway !

I am totally amazed by what you say… so there is an upload limit, but you can create several exclusive accounts… this explains why I have seen people with such accounts, they don’t even hide (they use nearly the same names)… They upload the exact same type of music in both accounts, and can upload 10 instead of 5.

I am pretty sure that most of the authors don’t know about this rule, which is good by the way, because as you say, it is a grey area.

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