How to transition from having ONE account to having TWO?

I know that Envato allows up to two accounts (without additional permission), one for exclusive and the other for non-exclusive items. From what I understand, if you plan on listing your items and get accepted in both Envato and other marketplaces, then obviously you’d upload those items under the non-exclusive account.

My question is: what is the right approach to transition from having only ONE exclusive account to having TWO accounts? For example, if I had items A, B, and C uploaded under the exclusive account but I want to upload items B and C under the newly created, non-exclusive account to sell to other places, should I be deleting it from the original exclusive account, then re-uploading to the new one? Or should I hide them until they get accepted? Is there a best way to handle such situation?

Thanks in advance!

As I know - that is not possible. I mean, you can not move items from one account to another. Also you can not submit the same item twice.


@CocoBasic is exactly right with their answer - this relates to new items beyond when you create the second account

I see. Thanks for the response. So if I had uploaded an item to the original non-exclusive account, then it’s pretty much stuck there? I feel like that makes it a bit difficult for us authors as we have to figure out the specific order of marketplaces to upload our items to since uploading to one of Envato’s account would determine whether or not that can be sold elsewhere.