Combining Items From Multiple Account..!

Is this possible to move items from one account to another…? I am thinking about combining items from multiple account to one account. Is this possible…?

No, it is not possible. it is not allowed in envato market.


But I am the owner of those multiple accounts and all items…!

yes I can understand but unfortunately not allowed for copyright issues. each item in envato market belongs to an account and any item can’t be under 2 account holder copyright.

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No no… I don’t want to keep those items under 2 Account at a same time… I just wanted to keep my all items under one Account…

It is not possible. If you move the items it become unavailable for your previews buyers. Also how many accounts do you have?

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As I said I understand your point. it is not allowed at all.
If you like you can Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will give you official answer.

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I have 2 Accounts on Graphicriver…

Thanks… :slight_smile:

hi this is not allowed to have over 2 accounts, one exclusive and one non exclusive one …

no u cannot have 2 accounts in GR , u have 2 envato accounts, as even if u are posting in many sections, they are still part of one account … like for instance if u post in photo dune, theme forest and GR , they are all one account

No, it is not possible to combine multiple accounts into one account.

Hi everyone,. I have already contacted cto Envato team, there are not agree for combined accounts. We have 3 accounts. I have requested 3 accounts to all items 1 account. But final answer “Nagative impact to buyers” because items unavailable others accounts. So there are not agree to merge.

they re fighting against people like u at this time … so i do not know what u were expecting … they will close one of your accounts at least due to the regulations they have for a while and identify checks that they have announced

Omg… are they really going to close one of our account…? Please don’t… Come on; how hard it will be to merge…?

yes they will as for i could understand … and merging will not be possible, still as for i understand. ON the other hand, i do not understand why u needed more than 2 accounts so that this all leads us to have to go through this process at a time …

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Account merge not possible. If you have multiple accounts then you must have to contact Envato Author Support and let them know.


Sorry for late… i was logged in with my another account… :frowning: well regarding to your question; In that time I was trying to make one Exclusive Author Account and another one for ** Non Exclusive Author Account** … But i made a mistake there too… :frowning: Both accounts are now as Exclusive Author… Please if you close account who has more than one account then at least merge my items into one account. Please…

Ok… :slight_smile:

lol if it were the problem u would only have two accounts and there would be no problem , the problem is that u have more …

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