Logo review for graphic river

Hi, I created this logo for uploading to the graphic river, any improvements needed? Please let me know.

With respect this will definitely be rejected.

I am definitely not as much of an expert as @n2n44 or @DesignSomething but I could still recreate this/similar in no time at all.

The typography - is that actually illustration or just font choice?`

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hi , pls keep in mind that this is a professional marketplace and that the place is quite saturated unlike what used to happen many years ago , so that the standards have been raising gamely over the years. This basically means that having anything accepted is more and more difficult. More strictly about this logo now. The execution time is definitely too low and the item too very simple for the item to have a decent commercial potential and for the product to be ultimately accepted by any reviewer indeed. Not to mention that there are a variety of things that can be said in addition. The logo is lacking harmony due to the apparent disconnection between the illustration and the text as far as both the style and colors are concerned. The imbrication is not the right one at the moment and in particular when we consider the the horizontal version. The typo is lacking a lot of ingredients to be way more interesting and to generate more relief, such as variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality, what’s on the table right now is too flat and common , especially regarding GR’s high standards typo wise. I recommend that u create some extra value pushing the envelope graphic design wise , this will help u also to get to offer more originality more easily in the process

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Whenever I upload a logo, according to you, there is always a disconnection between the logo and the text, and my font variation is wrong every time. Can you please explain about it in simple words because English is not my language.

There are many issues with this logo

  1. The proportion is wrong. The gear is too big compared with text.
  2. The concept is overdone.
  3. The font doesn’t support the mark in any way. (that’s why is disconnected)
  4. Overall looks cheap and not premium
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How to choose font so that it support this gear icon ? I request you to please explain it :pray:

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First of all the gear mark is the problem. Take the text away for a moment and ask yourself if the icon itself communicate the concept. In this case the icon itself doesn’t communicate nothing it is to vague.

Going further that means you have no concept. When you will find / illustrate an icon based on a concept that speaks for itself then go to the next step and add the typo.

The typo should highlight the mark / icon.

When you add the typo you should keep in mind rules like proportions, composition, optical alignments, negative space, color theory.

It’s not that simple. it is a chain of decisions based on graphic design fundamentals.

That’s why I always told you guys to learn the basics.

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Can you please explain how to choose a font suitable for the logo, what is the psychology of fonts behind every type of logo?

Choosing the right font type and size is much more difficult than many beginner designers realize.
You need years of experience to choose fonts based on your intuition.

Now if you are beginner:

If your logo design includes text, either as part of the logo or in the tagline, you will need to spend time sorting through various font types often, dozens of them and testing them in your design before making a final decision.

Try both serif fonts and sans-serif fonts as well as script, italics, bold, and custom fonts.

Make sure the font that you choose has something related with your concept and your mark. The mark and the typo should have the same vibe.

Consider few main points when choosing a font to accompany your logo design:

  • Avoid the most commonly used fonts, your design may come off as amateurish.
  • Make sure the font is legible when scaled down or using on different applications.
  • One font is ideal, and avoid using more than two.
  • Use pairing fonts
  • Pay attention to the proportions between mark and typo.

Check this video too


@DesignSomething Oh thank you so much for this detail plus video, I learned a lot from it. You are a Gem!

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