Please help me :(

Please help me i’m new in graphicriver i don’t know why they reject my all logos.

It looks very standard

some are simple but i would not say that all the same

hi, there’s part of what u have created which needs a bit more work as u have to find the small or big originality so that your item gets to the next level. The infinity logo is much more worked out , colorful and everything but what i can tell you out of seeing a lot of items daily is that the concept is a bit too close from many other logos already approved and being on sale , which basically means that u need to add something more originality wise so that it can make it also … . In this case, this is not because the item is too simple but simply because the original idea and the kind of work that u have done on this creation are a bit equivalent to some other items in this category. I also think that u have to pay attention because the online chatting one if a bit common in the first place and in addition, u did not give it some efficient color combination so that it looks really good. we can see that u have some skills but u need to bring more work on all items so that they can legitimately be accepted indeed :wink:

Thank you very much :smile:

Yes, the infinity one is a bit dated, and the rest, either hard to see the text against the background or too simple to get accepted?

And the bird one, needs to be overhauled, it looks more like a flying fish when the colors are reversed?

Good luck!


yes maybe Shane, but let’s keep in mind that the logo is in veery small size and that we all know that under a given size all item and a bit hard to read … lol

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