How's this not accepted ?


this pictures have been deleted due to some reasons


Your logo is too basic, I think that you need make more icons (no more margin bottom from icon for typographic)


what i’m supposed to do now ?


Your need make new logo more expert and submit graphicriver


how can i make this one better , what do you suggest ?


I think that also your fix better this logo other letter but if same logo this I sure rejected.


try, try, try … end never try to hard reject item … You don’t have to big experience and logos for personally are terrible hard to create - they must be perfect.

This project will be never accepted in here. Look at logo sections … you won’t waste time learning if You have gift to create it and probably You have but You just start


thanks , so this logo is not good , i should creat another


i personally do not agree on this one, for me this is not, now introducing some colors and effect may have helped to have it approved , u maybe if u meant this


hi, i believe the problem with your item is that this is a bit difficult to read that this is a “R”, we can obviously guess but it looks like there is a combination of a cut R and a “v”


Yes but difficult see R why 2 letters, also V


Haha I see PV :smile:
I do not do logos, but heres 10 minutes work on update your logo. Sure not ready to go, but looks cleaner I think. Typography is important.


Same basic logo but your patience practice more


Im not going to create new logo with theme “right” just showing ways to improve. You can upload your suggestions instead of simple critics :slightly_smiling:


thanks everyone for yout suggestions :slightly_smiling:


Another important thing is that the logotype should not be only the monograms, but should be presenting the meaning of the business or name which is representing.

So for example at least smthng like this

But sure not this way :smile:

Last one, and Im going get sleep :slightly_smiling:


well this is possibly what u can see either. the point is that most the guy see two letters rather than one, which may express the rejection he faced indeed


not sure he can make it here with these other solutions , the typo is very thin and as they always consider very tiny size and the way it looks this way, i am afraid that the use of such a thin font does not guaranty the name can be much seen and results in a rejection …


I have never tried uploading logos, but a lot of already approved use thin fonts. Maybe you are right. Anyway in this case something should be done with typography in my opinion. This doesnt mean that author have to use exactly what I show him, that was just the last used font in my Ps :slightly_smiling:


if u ask me the whole thing is much of am issue for something that is not that important anyway … they chose to stress and give much of an importance to typography when in the logo category this is one of the easiest things to change for customers . focusing on how things look in a big size are also the opened to door getting to flatter things if u ask me … anyway that is the way the game is played here whether we like it or not …

honestly this is also hard, apart from these issues to get to know what is the guideline in the logo category, i personally submitted some and around 40 / 50% when through but as for why the rejected items had been rejected , even a friend of mine who is top author here and who is focusing on creating logos did not manage to understand …