Is envato is going to destroy Our career?

Hi there,
I have recieved a mail from envato. It says that, After February we have to use only one payment destination. It becomes a huge burden for many authors. Especially I am going to suffer a lot. Because I’m working from india and My partner from pakistan. There is only one way to share Our income from india to pakistan. Our only transaction type is envato payment gateway. Now we are facing this hard situation due to the decision of envato. If we cannot able to share Our income, then what is the purpose of being a partner in business?

Already envato crushed the designers career a lot by selling their own envato elements. So now the designers category is going to suffer a lot by this decision of envato. Because every designer in Themeforest is working in a partnership with any developer. From now, we can’t get our sharing from envato. I don’t know what is happening here.

I don’t know what envato is thinking about the authors. They are destroying Our career on a step by step process. Already all the Web template designers are facing a very doubtful future in envato. Now it is clear, We are not able to survive in this market place. Is it right?

Hi, @arrow_themes Not reasons to be worry. :wink:

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@arrow_themes You are absolutely right.