What envato can do it this way?

I cooperate with some guy and we added template to themeforest:

After added this guy in each payment payed me about 40% instead 50% (he thinks he payed me 50%), only once payed me to skrill like in our agreement and other payment was to paypal.

After 3 months I was busy and I couldn’t make update because of time and this guy didn’t want to pay me.

He wrote:
“If you want 2k withdraw, you need to release next version(demo update) or opencart 3.0 update.”

I made update for opencart 3.0 (20 days of works) and then he wrote me:
“I will release next payment once you release new version with oc 3.0 update. As you can see opencart category is getting good sales after 3.0 update.”

After this message I was frustrated because I need money and then I decided to finish our cooperation.
“Sorry Guy, but our partnership isn’t profitable for me.”

And he wrote me:
“If you want to break partnership legal agreement, I will report this to Envato.”

What can do envato in this way. I broke our partnership about working full time of porto and this guy broke partnership about making payment 50%. I am worried about ban. It is possible. I have very big project in queue (74 versions) and if I can get ban I will add this template under other account.

Kind Regards.

Envato will not get involved in private agreements.

They will remove items of requested by copyright holder author but what goes on between you when organised privately is beyond their control.